Apparently I’m part of a newly named segment of the population called “Xennials,” a microgeneration born during 1977-1983 between the Gen X’rs and Millenials. We grew up with an analog childhood and a digital adulthood so we’re old enough to remember the simple good old days, but young enough to be tech-savvy.

We currently live on a remote island where technology and internet are limited, so in many ways my kids are having a similar childhood to the one I had. So I decided to do a round up of some of the games and activities I used to love as a kid in the pre-internet world!

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1) Korean/Chinese Jumprope – Hands down this was my favorite childhood game and I played it every day during lunch and recess in my elementary school. I recently bought some regular elastic (just buy some inexpensively at a craft store) and am hoping to teach my kids how to play!

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2) Cat’s Cradle – Another fun game you can play with a simple piece of string or elastic!


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3) Eraser Fight – This was huge in my elementary school and it must have been a thing elsewhere too because I found videos of it on youtube! You and your opponent took turns flipping your eraser and if you pinned your opponent’s eraser, you got to keep it. The smelly Sanrio erasers were the best!


4) Jacks – I think my kids are a little too young (5 & 7) to play jacks, but I loved playing the Korean version (gonggi) of this which doesn’t use a ball and all the pieces are identical.


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5) Collecting stickers – Every girl I knew collected stickers! Hello Kitty (My Melody was my favorite), puffy stickers, and scratch and sniff stickers were some of my favorites.


6) Red hands/hand clapping/hot hands/etc. – The ones I played most were slide and a Korean version called sseh sseh sseh.

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7) Boxstitch Keychains – These were super popular in my elementary school for awhile and everyone had them hanging on their backpack zippers.

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8) Friendship Bracelets – I’m thinking that I need to get back into this!

knockout horse
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9) H-O-R-S-E – Shoot a basket and if you make it, your opponent must make the same shot. If you miss, you get the letter H. Whoever spells HORSE first loses!

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10) DIY Can Telephone – My kids have never used a real telephone in their lives!

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11) Collect anything – It seemed like back in the day everyone had some type of collection. I was a big tomboy and had a huge baseball card collection, as well as sticker collection and Garbage Pail Kids card collection!

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12) Build Card Houses – Of course there are tons of card games, but I loved building card houses when I was a kid. I never got them super tall, but they were always fun to build.

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13) Cootie Catchers/Fortune Tellers – My kids LOVE making cootie catchers! There are plenty of printable templates online but I think they’re the most fun when you customize them yourself (you know in the pre-Pinterest days).


14) MASH (Mansion Apartment Shack House) – Do you remember playing this silly fortune telling game as a kid? You could easily swap out the categories to play it with younger kids.

Other games and activities include:

  • hide and seek/freeze tag/Simon Says/red light green light/duck duck goose/London Bridge/monkey in the middle/leapfrog/limbo
  • jumping rope (remember Skip it?!)
  • hula hoop
  • riding bikes/scooters/roller skates/skateboards
  • catch/baseball/basketball/football
  • rock paper scissors
  • thumb wrestling
  • water gun/water balloon fight
  • Marco Polo
  • hopscotch
  • marbles
  • paper: paper flick football, triangles, origami, tic tac toe
  • board games/dominoes

Any nostalgic games and activities from your childhood that you’d like to share with your kids?