You know how when you are a first time parent, you think of all the practical things you need to learn? How to feed your baby, how to bathe them, how to get them to sleep, how to teach them to walk. And then along the way you find yourself doing things that are beyond these regular things and you start to think to yourself… “This is why I am a super mom!” I mean, all of us moms have these little things that are out of the norm of what is expected of us as moms, and this is what makes us all super moms.


I can literally do almost anything with one hand. I have cooked full meals, typed entire papers, washed clothes, even gone to the bathroom, all while using only one hand. After months of holding an infant who never wanted to be put down, and then trying to work from home, I got really good at working with only one hand. I still use this skill frequently because one or both of my kids seems to think that when I am working or cooking or doing whatever, they should also be in my arms.

I can carry a million pounds of kid in my arms. I mean, I almost feel like I have some sort of insane lifting ability now that I definitely did not possess prior to having children. My hips are like these perfect shelves for these two monkeys of mine, and I can literally grab both of them off the ground and throw them onto my hips with no problem.


I can power nap like no other. 15 minutes of sleep can recharge me enough to get through the rest of almost any day. I used to be a person who needed the perfect amount of sleep every night and if I didn’t get it, I would need to have a serious nap at some point during the day. But now, I operate on roughly 7 hours of sleep every night and if I get the power nap, I am golden!

I can pack a bag in 2 minutes and have everything I need to be prepared for a day with the kids. My mind is completely trained now to think about all the possibilities that could occur with two younger kids in tow. Need sunscreen? Check, got that! A snack? Check, got that! I have extra clothes, diapers, wipes, etc in my car and I am prepared for anything!

I can spy a potential disaster from a mile away. What I really mean is that I can clear a room to remove anything that my kids could destroy or use to destroy something else. I can see that hole in the sidewalk 5 feet ahead and move the kids in time to avoid a fall. I catch a ton of things before they become a hazard and I can predict what my kids are going to do in order to avoid a mess or an injury. I am hoping that this super power will continue as the kids get older and more adventurous.

I can convince a three and a half year old and a two year old that cleaning is fun. Seriously though, they love doing laundry, emptying and filling the dishwasher, wiping down counters, and vacuuming. I love having help. I am going to take advantage of this until they start whining about doing chores. I should have a few years left, right guys?

I can make a fun game out of almost anything. I can make a variety of slimes, floams, glitter goo, and playdough from ingredients in my kitchen. I am a master at making cooking a fun and cool task. I can sing every single song from Frozen, Moana, Sing, and Trolls. I can turn an old t-shirt into an apron for painting. I can turn a cardboard box into a house, or a train, or a horse stable. And you know what? I can make a bad day better with a bowl of ice cream.

I’m a super mom, I can do so many things. I know you all can too! Tell me what your favorite super mom thing about you is!