Drake is a voracious reader and always has been. Now that summer is here, we are spending more time at the library since I’m trying to take Fiona to story time there once a week. Now that Drake gets to come with me, I let him check out a few books each time and he can also accumulate prizes from the library and Barnes and Noble’s summer book club programs. We have found so many new and fun picture books this summer and it has lead me to comb Amazon at night to look at what books I would love to add to our own personal library. Here are some of our favorite new finds:

mr dodo

Hello, Mr Dodo – Such a cute and imaginative story about a little girl who loves birds and stumbles across a dodo bird living free in the wild… a dodo who loves donuts! The illustrations are charming and the story is very sweet.

saw a cat

They All Saw a Cat – The illustrations in this book are amazing as it shows how different animals perceive a cat as it makes its way across their paths. It’s a great book about perspective and how others can see the same things and think totally different things.


oh no

Oh No – A bunch of animals become trapped in a hole and a tiger comes upon them, oh no! What will happen? Who will save the day? Drake loved this one so much I bought it for him.


Rosie Revere the Engineer – I have been a huge fan of this book series featuring Rosie, Ada, and Iggy for some time. Drake borrowed Rosie from the library and loved it so I bought him Ada not too long after that. I am planning on getting Iggy at some point since I love the message of trying and experimenting as a way to learn and discover new things.


It Came in the Mail – A little boy wants mail and his wishes come true eventually when he asks the mailbox to deliver him some fun. Drake loved looking at all the fantastic things the mailbox brought but the best part is when the boy realizes how other children might also enjoy a surprise or two in their mailboxes too.

apples and robins

Apples and Robins – Little cut outs in this book show how a simple shape can be so much more when you use your imagination.  Drake had so much fun with this book that he ended up creating his own little book with cut outs to show me. It’s a great way to think outside of the box when it comes to books.


Hattie Peck– A chicken who can’t lay eggs on an adventure collecting her own brood to care and raise for. We also borrowed the second book, The Journey Home, about those eggs finding their own places in the world.


Dragons Love Tacos 2 – Drake has the first book in this series so it was fun to read the second one knowing the hijinks and mishaps of the first book.


Life – I looked up the illustrator of They All Saw a Cat because I loved that book so much and saw he had this other one called Life. I didn’t even hesistate to order it and it’s on its way to use soon. If it’s half as creative and fun as Cat we are in for a treat for sure.


Warning Dont Open This Book – This book made me think of the classic The Monster at the End of this Book. The characters beg you not to turn the page but of course you continue on despite their protests. If your kids find it half as funny as Drake and Juliet did I would count that a win.