Little Miss LeLe has some seriously amazing hair. It is long, wavy, and a beautiful mixture of blond and light brown. Since she was about 18-months-old, I have been working on my hair skills with her, doing tons of Pinterest research and figuring out how to braid in a variety of ways. I was never really good at doing my own hair. Before I cut it all off, I had super long hair that I almost always wore in a pony tail. It is super thick and impossible to deal with, so I just never really tried that hard. But with LeLe, this is a second chance to get really good with hair, so I’ve really been trying. Now that we are trying all kinds of styles, I’ve been thinking a lot about the products that are making our adventure in hair a little easier.


1.Hair ties: I use three different kinds right now, depending on what we are trying to do. I have super thick ones that are great for pony tails or to secure a high bun, some skinnier ones that work for tying off larger braids, or for smaller pony tailed sections of hair, and tiny elastic ones that are great for end of braids and for doing tiny detail work. LeLe also likes to have a decorative tie in her hair a lot of the time, so we have a variety of fancy ones that we add into the mix.

2. Hair tools are equally important as what you use to secure the styles. For LeLe, she gets super tangly hair, so I need to be pretty careful when I am doing her hair. I’ve found a few things that make this easier, and faster too. The detangling brush is a miracle for anyone with kids who have messy hair. I also have a smaller wider set brush, a wide set comb, and then a stylist comb, with the long end, and that makes it easy to set boundaries in hair for separate sections.


3. Products are another area that I struggled in at first. I assumed that kids shampoo was fine and it is, but it doesn’t help with the tangles, and it sometimes leaves LeLe’s hair kind of limp and sad. So, I use a combo of kids shampoo, some nicer shampoo once a week (that I use on the regular), a detangler, and some putty and hairspray. A bonus of the detangler is that it smells amazing and it really does help a lot. The hair putty and hairspray are the kinds that I use on my hair, and they are both amazing. They smell great too!

4. Cute Accessories are also a big part of making our hair styles look finished and fun. LeLe is not a huge fan of headbands, but she will tolerate them if it suits her fancy. But she loves bows, clips, and other accessories. One of the new things we have tried is hair chalk to make one strand of a braid a different color. This works really well and is super cool.

5. Inspiration has to come from somewhere, so I have found a few sites that give me great ideas and have good tutorials.

I am really loving finding new styles and working with LeLe to find styles she loves too. It has been a great bonding activity for us, and she loves showing off her new styles when we have one figured out.