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Everyone was right when they said things move faster in your second pregnancy. The first time around, my knowledge of the topic was severely limited. I knew some of the details, but for the most part I was pretty clueless. Having gone through it, I feel much more comfortable in my body this time around and other than things happening on an accelerated timeline, nothing has been truly shocking so far.

These days I’m really enjoying feeling the kicks and movement in my stomach. Recently when I told Max the baby is kicking, he furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “does it hurt you?” My heart melted at his genuine concern. Other days when we talk to him about the baby in my belly, he lifts up his shirt and says “there is a baby in my belly too!”

We recently decided to switch doctors so that I can deliver at a hospital closer to our house. It was a little stressful to switch so far along in my pregnancy, but we’ve met our new doctor, toured the hospital and are feeling very good about the decision. The decision came about when Mr. Ice Cream and I were trying to figure out the logistics of going into labor. This time around we have a 2-year-old to think about. Since we don’t have any family in town, it made more sense to deliver at a hospital close to our house and daycare so Mr. Ice Cream can easily shuttle between for Max.


27 Week Updates

my size: +28.4 pounds – This time around I feel pregnant all over. Everything from my arms, legs to face feels bloated and slightly uncomfortable. Right now I don’t fit into anything that hasn’t specifically been designed as maternity wear or isn’t at least 6-8 sizes larger than I normally wear. Most days I’m living in these maternity t-shirts (which are great and SO comfortable) and elastic waisted pants (these and these). Since Mr. Ice Cream and I are 99.9% sure we are only having 2 kids, I’ve tried not to buy too many maternity items.

my mood is: Great most days! I’ve stocked up on a few (or more) adorable outfits. Once you start, it’s hard to stop adding items to your cart! But mostly I have focused on buying items that are for 18 months and up. The other weekend I sorted through all of Max’s baby clothes and pulled out all the items that baby sister can use. I have no problem putting a baby girl in outfits decorated with trucks and trains. In fact, when I was a baby my parents gave me a blue baby blanket with a silhouette of a little boy on it (is it possible they were hoping their second child was a certain gender…??)

my fitness level is: Not great. I mentioned in my 20 week update that Mr. Ice Cream and I were doing the 7 minute workout, but that effort has waned a little. I am regularly attempting short runs (1 mile), but between the extreme summer heat and the constant need to pee that is rarely successful. On days that I make it to the gym, I usually opt for the stair master or the elliptical machine.

a few pros: I’m thrilled to say that my sleep has still been fantastic and very restful.

a few cons: Similar to my first pregnancy, heartburn has kicked in and my face is still breaking out in a very unattractive way. Also, I’ve started snoring (it probably started weeks ago) and it’s making it harder for Mr. Ice Cream to get a good nights rest. Based on “captured memories” I know firsthand that the snores I make during pregnancy are shockingly loud and unpleasant to hear (sorry Mr. Ice Cream)!

looking forward to: Moving Max to his new room. We finished painting his new bed and hanging up new curtains. Initially I had a very ambitious vision for his room (e.g. pinterest worthy mural), but luckily I have a very practical husband who can reel me back to reality and remind me that we can only get so much done during nap time! Our goal is to have him in his big boy room by the end of the month.