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A Momcation in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For the past two and a half months, I’ve been with the kids 24/7. Their teacher left to visit her family in Canada for low season, which many expats here do, so we’ve been filling our days with lots of beach time, pool time and travel. I never thought I could be a full-time mom, […]


14 Tips for Traveling Light with Kids

Since we live abroad, I travel very often with the kids and always travel light. Whether we’re going on a car trip or flying internationally, I try to pack only the essentials, especially since I usually travel with the kids alone. Here are my tips for packing and traveling light with kids. 1) Take some […]

Practical Tips for Life with Babies and Toddlers

I’ve been on the baby shower circuit lately with lots of discussions about infant feeding and sleeping, understandably so. But when I was a new parent, I wish I had been tipped off to some everyday, little tricks to manage life with babies and toddlers. Here’s my quick list of practical tips for babies and […]


Rhythm and Rhyme Children’s Books

The rhythm and rhyme of children’s books is the soundtrack to my days with little ones. Hearing my toddler repeat phrases with the story, and watching my older kiddo create silly rhymes are my favorite memories to make. We have shelves of book we inherited from family members or found on hunts through Goodwill. Here […]

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Mission Moving While 38 Weeks Pregnant: Complete!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on our house selling/buying saga…but the good news is, we’re all moved into our new home! We love it here so far—the house may be smaller than our previous digs, but it is full of charming quirks and we can’t wait to personalize it to our own style. […]

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My 3rd Baby Must Haves For the First 3 Months

Today I’m sharing my 3rd baby must-haves for the first 3 months! It took having a 3rd baby in 4 years to finally convince me that less can in fact actually be more when it comes to baby gear. Actually scratch that, when it comes to ALL stuff. I’ve had a mostly delightful maternity leave, but boy […]

The girls rocked their Chicago summer!

15-Month Update

Time flies and our twinbling girls are about 15 months old now! It’s been a really fun summer with the girls and they have been busy little toddlers. The girls rocked their Chicago summer! On the physical side of things, the girls continue to grow. Our youngest Audrey remains a few pounds heavier than her […]

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