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Fall Bucket List

This year has really gotten away from me and I somehow find that it’s the end of September! Fall is my favorite season, in part because it’s the only bearable time of the year weather-wise (this San Francisco girl loves her temperate weather). Having kids now, I have also come to appreciate all the great activities […]

The Differences Between First Grade and Kindergarten

First grade is game on. Really, this is where all those years of preschool and kindergarten readiness start to show. BeBe finished her first month of first grade, and some strong differences stand out from kindergarten. For one, the physical space in the room is different. There are no toys in the room, only books, […]

34 weeks pregnant

34 Week Pregnancy Update

34 weeks pregnant When I found out I was pregnant back in Spring, the idea of a November due date felt years away. I was okay with that because it meant I had loads of time to prepare and get used to the idea that our lives would be changing drastically. But now that it’s […]

My Opposite Children

I once found a picture of my mom when she was about 5 years old, and we looked so much alike that I thought it was a picture of me. Pictures of my dad from his teenage years show a striking resemblance to my brother. And my brother and I looked very much alike growing up, […]

40 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks

How many weeks along are you? 40 Due date? September 27 (yesterday!) How much weight have you gained? around 30–35 pounds Symptoms? tired, sore, and mentally “done” with being pregnant; also some shooting pains down my leg sometimes from sciatica nerve How is baby looking? Well, according to my doctor he is measuring around seven […]

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On Building a Village

Bunmi Laditan’s article, “I miss the village” came out before I had a child, but it recently resurfaced and no doubt struck a chord with a new generation of moms – or at least with me. When we lived in the US, we didn’t have kids but most of our friends did. We were part […]

Our nanny with the girls at their first birthday cake smash. Photo by Julie Dietz.

Nanny Appreciation Week

This week is Nanny Appreciation Week and we are showering our nanny with gifts each day this week. Given her daily influence on my girls’ lives, she has made an appearance in a few posts of mine here in the past and several of you have pointed out how amazing she sounds. She really is […]

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