One of our most-used and most-loved products in the first year was the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. This contraption is basically like a Keurig machine for baby formula. You fill the machine with water, add your powdered formula-of-choice, place a bottle under the machine, select the number of ounces that you would like, press the correct button, and – voila – out comes warmed formula!

I first heard about the machine from a fellow twin mom friend when I was pregnant. I worried that my body would not produce enough milk once two hungry babies came along, and I had a feeling that we would be turning to formula at some point in the first year. Turns out I was right, and we turned exclusively to formula by the third or fourth month of the girls’ lives.

It’s likely obvious that the best part of the Formula Pro is the convenience factor. Apart from having to clean out the machine once a week, and make sure that the proper water and formula is stocked in the machine, it’s a no-fuss, no-mess wonder-machine. We counted on several caregivers in that first year and it was wonderful to know that the girls would be getting the proper concentration of formula by anyone if they just pushed the correct button on the machine. The nighttime wakings were also much easier when all we had to do was stick a bottle under the nozzle, push a button, and wait about 10 seconds.

(I should mention that we used the same formula throughout the entire first year and we were lucky that both girls accepted the same formula. If this were not the case, the potential for a concentration mix-up would have increased because you have to set the machine’s settings properly for different types of formula mixes.)

No product is perfect though and I have some beefs with the Formula Pro. For starters, it always overfilled the bottles beyond the pre-set ounces we selected; it always seemed to be by about 10%. So if we pushed the button for a 2-ounce bottle, we ended up with a 2.2-ounce bottle. This was annoying because caregivers always felt they had done something wrong with the machine, and also because if we had a 4-ounce bottle, it would end up overflowing a bit when the machine spit out 4.4 ounces instead.


I also didn’t like the bright lights on the machine. We kept the Formula Pro in the girls’ nursery, and in the nighttime, the machine would light up the entire room with an eerie blue glow. We solved this problem by sticking some black tape over the lights but I wish they had made a setting to dim the lights or ever turn them off at night.

Probably the biggest negative of the Formula Pro is the steep price, and it retails for about $180. I think it’s particularly difficult to justify the price on the machine when you’re pregnant because if you’re like me, you’re hopeful that you’ll be able to exclusively breastfeed and you don’t want to spend money on something that would represent a failure on that front.

I happened to put the machine on our registry and received it as a gift from my mom at my baby shower, but I’m honestly not sure I would have asked for it before delivery if we were expecting a singleton. If that were the case, I would suggest waiting and if you move to formula before the 6-month mark, I personally feel that the half-priced listings I’ve seen for used machines on baby gear swap pages on Facebook and elsewhere would be well-worth it.

Now five months removed from the first year and those formula days, I still tell new expecting moms about the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. It’s not a perfect product, but it was one of my personal favorite pieces of baby gear. We’ve recently passed ours along to a new expecting mom-to-be and I hope she finds it as convenient and helpful as we did.