I am less than two months away from having this baby girl! Time has gone by so quickly, and making a registry wasn’t something I was going to do. Then we had a few people ask, then some family members insist, so I started considering our options. Really, we have everything we need, and more. Buckets of hand me down clothes, all the accessories, a carseat, and so on. Other than stocking up on diapers and wipes, we are all set. So what did I register for? A few bottles, a second sound machine… and that’s about it. But in an ideal world, my registry would be full of the following:

A doula. To be fair, some doulas do offer a registry service. However, most don’t, so it isn’t realistic to register for a doula. But if I could, I would. My doula was invaluable during my first pregnancy. Now, I’m not sure if we will have one. It’s a little late on the timeline to start researching and finding one, and the cost is quite high. But if I could register for doula services, I would.

Private Yoga Classes. In my home, of course. I just don’t have the time or energy to make it out to yoga, but I would love it if someone came to me.

Meal Delivery Cards. Or canned soup. Or even a farmers market that comes to me? Any of that sounds great! I don’t have the freezer space to make a ton of meals for the postpartum period, so if I could register for food on demand, I totally would.

Lactation Cookies. Would this be weird? I mean I can pay someone to make them, so it wouldn’t be that weird to get them as a gift. I had all the time in the world to make lactation cookies during my last pregnancy, and I made 144 cookie dough balls in the weeks leading up to giving birth. I stored them in my freezer and would bake one or two at a time when I felt like I needed a boost (or some chocolate and sugar, they were delicious!). So if I could register for a fresh lactation cookie delivery service, I would!

Padcicles. Another item that I won’t have time to make this time around, but I would sure be happy if someone made them for me. Padcicles are just big, fluffy, postpartum pads, loaded with aloe and witch hazel, and frozen into icy cold perfection. I loved having these on hand the first time I gave birth, and I definitely used all 48 that I made. If I can squeeze in another last minute project, I might try to make these work, but otherwise… I wish I could register for them.

Realistically, I will probably get around to doing/making/buying these things on my own if I really push it. And my Amazon registry looks just like any other second-baby registry out there. But I can still dream!