Similar to my last pregnancy, my last month was incredibly uncomfortable. I got the same pains in my groin area (which I still can’t identify because it was not round-ligament pain) and mentally I just “had it” with my pregnancy! 9 months of nausea, heartburn, and fatigue made me a very cranky and emotional person. Toddler Pencil came a few days before his delivery date, so I really expected Baby Pencil to come out earlier. However, like everyone says — every pregnancy is different!


One huge thing  I noticed this time was the different culture of hospitals. My last hospital was all about “let the baby come when its ready.” My new hospital was very gung-ho about inducing! They kept insisting that there was no difference in having the baby at week 38 than at week 40. I scheduled an induction on my 40 week mark, just in case. By the time 40 weeks rolled around, I had lost my mucus plug, my belly had dropped and I was having light contractions all day. But my water hadn’t broken and my contractions were definitely not severe. I had my membranes stripped at week 38 yet my cervix was only dilated 2-3cm! I decided to go ahead for the induction since I was already going to be past 40 weeks by the time she was to be born.

11:00pm – Admitted at the hospital.
12:30am – Given Cervidil and told that I was to wait 12 hours before the Pitocin. It worked really well on me! The nurses were surprised how well it opened up my cervix. I didn’t even need the Pitocin at all!
2:00am – Started to really feel strong contractions. I was told to ask for the epidural when my pain level was a 5 out of 10 or greater. (So glad they were lenient on this!)
2:30am – Epidural in! WHEW. I was able to sleep for a few minutes here and there.

4:00-7:00am – Contractions started to get really strong and there was the familiar intense pressure on my “butt bone” area.
8:00am – Felt like my butt was going to explode! I asked for a slight increase of dosage of the epidural because I was starting to feel pain again. I was given a small amount that kicked in at the perfect time, right when the head was coming out!
8:20am – I thought I remembered how to push, but my epidural had numbed me pretty well. I guess that’s one bad thing about epidural. I basically just tried to press/push and luckily it was enough! After 4 hard pushes (and an episiotomy cut) the baby was out! My doctor was seriously in and out of the room in 20 minutes.


I had the same reaction as the last time as soon as the baby came out – a rush of emotions and a state of euphoria. It’s the craziest thing! My husband said he freaked out the first time that happened. I’m not usually an emotional person so when I started to cry hysterically from the euphoria, he had no idea what was wrong with me! But this time, I expected it and enjoyed the rush of emotions.

I knew this baby was going to be smaller than Toddler Pencil. I was barely able to eat during this entire pregnancy (due to intense nausea) and gained about 8 lbs less than last time! Toddler Pencil was born at 7 lbs and 11 oz; Baby Pencil was born 6 lbs and 8 oz! Such a huge difference.

I was pretty antsy to go home so I asked if we could leave ASAP! I was getting sick of the blood pressure monitor beeps, the constant coming and going of nurses, and just the uncomfortable hospital environment overall. I just wanted to be HOME. As soon as the baby was cleared, we made our way out of the hospital in less than 48 hours. The second time definitely came with way less anxiety!


It is so precious to have a second chance to enjoy your  newborn baby! The first time was absolutely filled with terror and anxiety. But this time, I really tried to capture each moment with her. This is probably our last child and I want to remember how little she was and how fast this time will go. As difficult as the pregnancy was, I really felt like all the pain and suffering was definitely worth it.