I was hesitant to write this down, because I don’t want to jinx it. But… I’m not really superstitious and I want to celebrate! Now that Ace is three, he has graduated from two more of his specialists!

My wild three year old!
My wild three year old!

Due to ongoing concerns since his birth, every 1-6 months we would see an ENT, a pediatric orthopedist, a pediatric neurosurgeon, and a pediatric urologist. Along with regular well visits with the pediatrician, and his year of early intervention therapies… it was a lot of appointments! Luckily, when Ace turned 2, his urologist, ortho, and neurosurgeon said that, barring any new issues, we didn’t have to come back for an entire year. He graduated from his ENT at 1.5, and he graduated from early intervention at 26 months.

Ace just turned three, and we went back for some of those follow up appointments in the weeks leading up to his birthday. His urologist was happy with his latest ultrasound, which showed less swelling in his kidney. His left and right kidneys are now both within normal range. And he is dismissed! No more follow ups with urology (unless anything new pops up, of course).

We had a similar experience with the orthopedist. No more follow ups, and another dismissal. We won’t see neurosurgery for another few weeks, but I am really, really hoping for a similar outcome. Overall, it was great that we had all of these doctors help us when we really needed it, but I am so happy that he has outgrown most these obstacles.

When we had all of these appointments looming over us, I was always anxious about it. Ace does really well at the doctors now, but from about 9 months to 2.5 years he had a really hard time. There were a lot of tears, bribing, and Paw Patrol on my phone involved with each appointment. It was extremely hard for me to see him stressed as well. As the appointments started coming less and less, Ace started enjoying going more. He now looks forward to his regular pediatrician appointments, and he was super excited to see his doctor earlier this week for his three year check up.

Being dismissed from so many different departments has been quite a relief, and I am so proud of my kid for all that he has endured.