Documenting your child’s first year is something that is enjoyable for many first time parents. Of course, it’s just as fun the second time around, although taking pictures and documenting milestones tend to get more difficult with each additional child. With my children, I made sure to do monthly photos but kept it pretty simple.

Lil’ Pizza’s monthly photos consisted of her wearing her hospital given onesie every month. Here’s a side to side comparison of her at month 1 and month 7!

Sometimes having a certain product can inspire you to document more, be creative and have fun. Here are some gift ideas for a friend who might be expecting or something you might want to get for yourself. Whether it is the first child or the third child, taking time to document the milestones and the little moments is always worth it!

Instax mini camera – I love the vintage film look and photos being hung on something cute like this clothesline photo display frame or in a scrapbook.



Photo display – I love the clothesline photo display mentioned above or this one to display photos.  It’s hard to know what to do with all the pictures you take, especially the first year of a child, but this photo display will make it easy to hang up a bunch of pictures without it feeling so permanent.


Vintage letter board – I love that these letter boards can be used as a cute prop for monthly photos or any day really.


Baby moment and milestone cards – I love the simple and beautiful look of these cards for pictures.


Baby monthly milestone blanket – I usually go for more of a simple look so it’s more of a blank canvas but this blanket’s design is sweet.  If you are looking for a blanket that is more simple (which is also great to allow more creativity), there are other options out there such as thisthis and this.


Baby monthly milestone pillow – This would be a good prop to use if you like taking monthly photos on a couch or comfy chair.


Baby memory book – Memory books would make such a meaningful gift to one day pass down to your child.  I also love the simplicity of this one.


.  .  .  .  .

Do you have a favorite product you purchased or received as a gift that helped you take your baby’s monthly photos and document milestones?