Snow arrived here in earnest a few weeks ago and I had to scramble to get boots. I don’t know why I’m so ill prepared this year — I know snow is coming, and I know the kids need new winter gear every year because they grow too quickly, but I failed to plan ahead this time. It was a mad dash to winterize our boat, stash the outdoor toys and furniture, dig out snowsuits and hats and mittens, and order boots online.

We live in a climate where serious winter boots are a requirement. Our coldest winter temperatures can dip to -35C without factoring in windchill. At our daycares and schools, I believe the cutoff for outdoor play is -25C, but the kids still have to go outside to get to and from school. I’ve learned to carefully consider the temperature rating before buying boots. Here are some of my favourites!

best snow boots

Kamik Pumpkin  |  Kamik Arvid  |  Kamik Stance  |  Stonz  |  Sorel Snow Commander  |  Baffin Mustang  |  Baffin Cheree  |  Baffin Snogoose

Kamik – All of these are are good for toddlers, little kids, and big kids, and they are comfort rated to -32C, which is my usual cutoff for what I’ll buy. Anything warmer than that and they won’t be useful for the entire winter season!


Sorel – Sorel Snow Commanders are a staple in my town — so many kids have them. It’s what A will be wearing this year! These come in little kid/big kid and are good to -32C.

Stonz – I was really surprised to see Stonz has exceptionally warm boot offerings. I always thought of this brand and their little booties, but they have some legit winter boots now. These come in all kids’ sizes and are good to -50C, and are apparently very lightweight.

Baffin – I don’t think a lot of people know about Baffins as much as they have heard of Sorel or Kamik, but I love this brand. My own boots are Baffin Kristis, rated to -50C, and they are phenomenal. My feet used to always be cold and now they’re the warmest part of me! Baffin Mustang little kid, toddler and Baffin Cheree – all kids’ sizes, good to –40C. Baffin Snogoose – toddler and little kid sizes, good to -60C.