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avatar (13) 1.5 months

Want: Of course baby is too young to have any wants of his own, but I’d love to get him an activity center & bouncer combo like this one for when he’s ready for it.

Need: My super tall baby has grown out of all his size small and newborn swaddles, so we need one more in a size up. I love the Halo swaddles because they convert to an arms-out sleep sack when baby is ready.

Wear: I’m dying over how cute this baby onesie is. I think we’ll definitely see it wrapped up under the tree.

Read: So far we haven’t bought any books for Baby Cotton Candy, as he will have a ton of Little CC’s old board books when he is a little older. But I have been thinking about adding this one to our library, and Christmas is the perfect opportunity.


avatar (4) 3 months

Want: Baby P has a couple of Lamaze toys and they are great. The Octotunes toy would be a good one to add to her rotation.

Need: Trumpet Socks – As the second child there isn’t much Baby P needs. She has longer feet than Little P did at this age and her socks are starting to get a bit small. She needs the next size up to get through winter.

Wear: This long romper is one of my favorite pieces of baby clothing for the mild winters we have in Texas. I can put a long sleeve shirt under it during cooler days and it looks cute without a shirt on warmer days. The grey floral pattern is precious.

Read: Baby P has a lot of board books handed down from her sister. She doesn’t have this one though, and it’s a favorite in the P house. We check it out at the library frequently.


 5 Mos

Want: Baby P may not know what he wants, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be full of smiles when he sees his new jumperoo under the tree.

Need: We gave away a lot of our baby stuff before Baby P arrived, so I’ll probably stock his stuffing with a lovie to match his big bro’s and a new Sophie the Giraffe since I impulsively cut a hole in ours to verify it was mold-free (it was, but now it doesn’t squeak!).

Wear: Baby P really does not NEED any new clothes ha. But I will likely pick up some matching pjs for all 3 boys from Hanna Andersson.

Read: In addition to a few Indestructible books, I’m planning to gift Baby P this charming, personalized book from Wonderbly.


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avatarW, 13 months

Want: Schleich North American Forest Dweller Set
Need: Learning Tower
Wear: Holiday pjs
Read: First Hockey Words 


avatar (1)Fitz, 1

Want: Basketball hoop
Need: Snowsuit
Wear: Fleece Jumpsuit
Read: Inside Noah’s Ark


avatar Jujube, 1.5

Want: Wooden play food set for the backyard playhouse we’re building her right now

Need: Reusable snack food pouches

Wear: My friend Krista makes these amazing grow-with-me hoodies and I’m in love with the camping one

Read: Hats of Faith – I love this illustrator and the idea of sharing a diverse range of faiths from around the world


avatar (1) Lilly and Audrey, 18 months

Want: Learning Tower – The girls are really starting to take an interest in kitchen-related tasks and I’d love a learning tower to encourage independence in this area of our home. I think they can both fit in one of these!

Need: Detangling Hair Brush – Both Lilly and Audrey have fine, curly hair that is getting longer and longer by the day. Needless to say, baby brushes and combs are no longer cutting it and I’ve read great reviews on a wet brush for toddler hair.

Wear: Long Sleeve Baby Tee – The girls are in need of some sturdy everyday basic pieces for their wardrobe like these long-sleeve t-shirts. Separates are starting to make more sense these days over onesies as the girls get bigger.

Read: Love You Forever – We do not yet own this classic book and I feel that it needs to be added to the girls’ library. It’s so sweet, and also happens to be my grandmother’s favorite and so it has a special place in my heart.

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avatar (3) Panda, almost 2

Want: I have to admit, I struggled a bit to come up with a want for Panda. Because Lion has plenty of toys and they have similar interests, Panda benefits from having an older brother. I finally realized that there is one thing that Panda loves much more than Lion does: art. When Panda and I took a trip to California by ourselves, he wandered into a children’s art studio and I spontaneously signed him up for a walk-in art class. He LOVED it and particularly enjoyed the “silky crayons” he used, which seem to be part crayon and part pastel. He really liked coloring with them because they go on smoothly, then dipping his finger into some water and using his finger to blend some of the colors together. He would be thrilled to receive these.

Because we plan to gift Lion a gift of experience, we’re looking into signing Panda up for an art class.

Need: A twin bed (see above). We’re going to transition both kids at the same time since it’s our younger one who likes to be the escape artist.

Wear: Socks. The kids always seem to be losing single socks, so it’s a pretty standard gift for them. Panda enjoys superheroes, likely influenced by his big brother.

Read: The kids have loved “Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site” and “Steam Train, Dream Train,” so the latest book, “Mighty, Mighty Construction Site” will be a welcome addition to their library.


avatar (6) Baby Pizza, 2

Want: Fisher Price Wooden Toys Early Barista Set
Need: Winter boots
Wear: Gingham dress
Read: Knuffle Bunny Too: The Case of Mistaken Identity


avatar (7) Tate, 2

Want: Duplo set
Need: Hooded towel
Wear: Oregon State Beanie
Read: The Day the Crayons Came Home


 Fiona, 2

Want: Fiona is into everything her sister is — princesses, dress up, pretend play — so I was at a loss at what to get for her big Santa present. Over the summer I stumbled upon this VTech castle for a price I couldn’t say no to, so I bought it and stashed it for months waiting for Christmas. I think Juliet and Fiona will both have a blast playing with this together.

Need: Fiona loves puzzles and playing games with her sister and brother, and I found this adorable game I think she will really enjoy and they can all play together.

Wear: Fiona gets a lot of hand me downs so I love buying new clothes sometimes just for her. Gymboree’s most recent swan collection is perfect since I have a little swan theme for her room.

Read: Fiona knows almost all her letters now and I thought it was time to get her her own copy of Lost My Name. Drake and Juliet still like reading theirs and Fiona loves seeing all the letters so I think she will love having her own with her name spelled out.


 Little P, 2 1/2

Want: Little P wants everything Big P wants, but this Christmas we’re intentionally trying to give him some of his “own” toys. Little P LOVES to play make believe and with things like Little People sets, so last year we picked up a “boy-ish” Calico Critters play set on Black Friday that we’ll gift to him this year, along with a few animals and accessories.

Need: Little P really doesn’t need much either, but we’ve always had trouble getting Little P to sleep and his nanny had a great idea to try a weighted blanket. This looks like a good one to try.

Wear: Little P does not need any new clothes!! But I may pick him up a few pieces from Primary to match Big P, as well as this knight-themed sweatshirt from Boden if it goes on sale soon.

Read: When Big P was 2, I made him a “Little Book of Names and Faces” from Pinhole Press. Little P adores that book, so I’m planning to make an updated version for him this Christmas.


 GemCakes, 2.75 years old

Want: Frozen Elsa Doll
Need: Elsa Sleep Set
Wear: Frozen Elsa Fantasy Nightgown
Read: Anna Loves Elsa and Be a Star, Wonder Woman!


avatar (4)Little P, 2

Want: Color Wonder Fingerpaints – Little P loves to color, but she doesn’t have any paints. I love the mess free aspect of Color Wonder products. These will make a great addition to her art supplies.

Need: Toothbush – Growing up my mom always put a new toothbrush in my stocking. Little P’s current toothbrush is getting worn so she needs a new one. Character toothbrushes make the teeth brushing routine less of a battle.

Wear: Star Wars Beanie – Little P is interested in Star Wars and especially loves BB-8. She tried on this hat at the store recently and didn’t want to take it off.

Read: She Persisted – Little P is getting to the point of being able to listen to longer books. I’m excited to add this to her collection.

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avatar (3) Lion, 3

Want: Lion and Panda have been playing for Duplos for awhile, now. While they love them, we recently had a play date at a friend’s house and Lion got to play with regular Legos. He told me it was his favorite thing he did on the play date, so we’re going to pick some up for him. I have no doubt Panda will play with them, too, since he wandered into a Lego store at the mall on a recent visit to California, and threw a fit about leaving because he was having too much fun building minifigures. I found this Spiderman Lego Junior set on sale recently and will hold onto it until Christmas.

Additionally, we will probably gift Lion gymnastics classes since children at this age love tumbling.

Need: A twin bed. Remember how I was stressing about moving Lion (and Panda) to “big boy” beds this summer? Well, we still haven’t gotten around to it, but since Panda has now managed to climb out (why must you be such a second child?!), we think it’s time to transition both kids even though Lion will stay in his crib. I am planning to build floor beds/frames for them once I figure out what style we want to use.

Wear: Lion needs warm pajamas. I had purchased a footed Spiderman pajama at our local consignment store for Lion and while he loved it, he didn’t sleep well in it. We reverted back to separates, but unfortunately the ones we have are very thin. Some two-piece fleece pajamas will (hopefully) solve the problem.

Read: I am interested in checking out the Olympians series because Lion has loved reading different books based on myths and folktales. He also has moved quickly into chapter books and some early graphic novels/comic books. Initially, I had planned to give him a large set of Magic Tree House books that I purchased off eBay, but he saw what was in the box and we’ve already started in on them.

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 Big P, 4

Want: Big P wants all the things ha. In his defense, he’s a wildly imaginative kid who really does play with almost every toy we have. This Christmas he’ll be receiving a big hot wheels set, which we purchased deeply discounted last year on Black Friday but decided to wait and give to him this year .

Need: Big P doesn’t really need anything except clothes, but I’ll probably stuff an umbrella and some sunglasses in his stocking.

Wear: Big P could really use some new clothes. I’m planning to pick up some affordable, comfy, and solid colored basics at Primary that he can mix and match with his more expensive shirts, sweaters, and pants from Boden and Hanna Andersson.

Read: I’m planning to get each of my boys a customized book this Christmas. Big P loves the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, so I have my eyes on this one from Wonderbly for him.


avatar (7) Arlie, 4

Want: Hatchimal Surprise
Need: Hooded bath towel
Wear: I went to a variety of consignment stores and got her a bunch of dresses and costumes so she has a whole collection of dress up clothes.
Read: Pete the Cat


 Juliet, 4

Want: Juliet has asked for every princess toy under the sun this year. I was able to get this Princess set for an amazing price recently and I figured it was perfect for my princess obsessed girl.

Need: Juliet is doing amazing in school and I’m so proud of her, but the one area she lacks is her letter formations in writing. Her fine motor skills have always been a little behind due to some of her delays early on, and while I’m not greatly concerned nor are her teachers, I thought an alphabet toy like this would help her practice will still being fun.

Wear: Juliet needs a new pair of boots as her old pair from last year are getting scuffed and beat up. I’m getting her the same style she had last year since they go with everything and she can put them on and take them off without my help.

Read: For her birthday Juliet got a few Pinkalicious books from my friend and Fiona became obsessed, so I’m planning on getting her Purplicious and Goldilicious to add to her library.


avatar (12) Ruby, 4.5

Want: A “real big kid computer.” We’re looking at this one but trying to find something that is less toy-ish and might end up getting her a very stripped down version of a laptop or iPad with a keyboard. (which we technically already have and will just need to get some accessories for).

Need: Board Games! Now that she’s old enough to focus on instructions and steps, we’d like to grow our board game library. Looking at games like UnoSleeping Queens, etc.

Wear: Stockings (“sock pants” as kiddo calls them) to wear under winter dresses. H&M has some great ones that I want to get more of.

Read: Ruby is obsessed with Magic School Bus right now, so we’re asking for MSB chapter books, which she’s still a little too young for – “why are there no pictures!” – but they hold her interest better than the short picture books in this series.


, 4.5 years old

Want: Magformers 30-piece set
Need: Stretch Pull-on Slim Jeans
Wear: Pull-on Canvas Joggers and Button-up Convertible Shirt
Read: The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish

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avatar (13)Little Cotton Candy, 5

Want: Despite the fact that he has only seen the first Cars movie once, Little CC is absolutely obsessed with Lightning McQueen. I know he is dying for anything Cars themed, and especially this remote controlled racer.

Need: Little Cotton Candy went through a major growth spurt this summer and is badly in need of some new rain boots. His favorite color is pink, so I think he would dig these Crocs Bump It Rain Boots

Wear: The only thing better than a sweatshirt with construction trucks on it would be one with pink construction trucks. This blue & gray printed sweatshirt from H&M will have to do for this Christmas.

Read: Chapter books were a hard sell with Little CC until I remembered these classics that I loved as a kid. We’ve read two of the Wayside School books that I had kept from my childhood, and he absolutely loves them; silliness is his jam. For Christmas this year I’d love to get him the full boxed set.


avatar (6) Lil’ Pizza, 5

Want: Lego, Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle
Need: Unicorn Sheet Set (for her new mattress)
Wear – Unicorn Jersey Dress
Read: National Geographic Little Kids First Book of the Ocean

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avatar (2)Lila, 6

Want: L.O.L Surprise Doll – Lila is obsessed with unwrapping these dolls that color change, go potty, spit or cry.

Need: Shirt – For some reason, Lila suddenly has no long-sleeve shirts that fit her. She loves the long athletic style shirts with the thumb holes that keep her warm and cozy.

Wear: Duck boots – Lila loved these boots last year that were super cute and good for the slushy winter weather.

Read: Pete the Cat – Lila is finally into reading on her own and she loves Pete the Cat’s silliness.


avatar (16) Olive, 6

Want: Fairy Garden – We’re building a natural playground right now and just finished the playhouse. I know Olive would love a fairy garden with tons of accessories as she is still into everything miniature since the Shopkins craze began.

Need: Star Sky Night Lamp – Our kittens recently broke the string lights in the kids’ room so we need a replacement nightlight. Olive loved her Cloud B Constellation Turtle and I know she would love this!

Wear: Seafolly Swimming Suit – While everyone else is buying winter gear, we live in perpetual summer. I buy a lot of swimming suits for the kids and my go-to brand for Olive is Seafolly because of the pretty prints, high quality, and it’s available on Amazaon. I prefer 2 piece swimming suits with a cardigan rash guard on top — much easier to go to the bathroom!

Read: Dog Man and Cat Kid – Olive is obsessed with dogs and cats and she has been waiting for this book to come out for months! It releases on December 26th and we’ve already preordered the Kindle edition.

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 Drake, 7

Want: Drake asked for a sloth toy this year. We went to the Baltimore Aquarium a few weeks ago and let them all choose a toy. Drake was torn between the sloth and the eel. He went with the eel but kept mentioning the sloth, so I suggested asking Santa for it.

Need: Need is very subjective and Drake really doesn’t need anything, but every year we replace his Magnadoodle since they wear outand he uses them every night to draw himself to bed. We have gone through so many of these through the years — different types, shapes ones with colors, but it’s always one of the most used toys we have.

Wear: Drake needs a new winter hat. I picked this one out recently as his old one is getting too small for his head.

Read: We always gift books, usually several. Drake has gotten into the Magic Tree House series a lot the last few months so I will definitely be picking up a few more of those for him.

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avatar (16) Charlie, 8

Want: Wooden Pulley with Reels – We need all the accessories for our new playhouse and natural playground.

Need: Metal detector – While this is also a want, we built our playground on a demolition site and still find construction parts like rebar and nails. A metal detector would help us find them, as well as search for treasure on the beach.

Wear: Carters swim trunks – I splurge more on Olive’s swimming suits, otherwise they fade pretty quickly since we spend so much time in the sun. Swim trunks usually hold up well though and last years since Charlie is so small (his size 4 trunks still fit him). Carters has a surprisingly good selection at great prices!

Read – Judy Blume – Charlie is a voracious reader and will read every book we have at home. He’s read some Judy Blume books, but he must read all of them!

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avatar (2) HJ, 9

Want: American Girl Horse – HJ has been really into horses lately so was asking for this American Girl horse. It’s a little pricey so may need to be a gift from Grandma this year.

Need: Leggings – Every season these are the only leggings HJ will wear! Super comfy and warm.

Wear: Patagonia Down Sweater Vest – In the never-ending search for something HJ will wear in the Chicago winters, I’m looking into this layering vest that will keep her warm but won’t feel too bulky.

Read: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – My friend told me about this collection and I can’t wait to read the stories with HJ! I love the illustrations and that the stories are all just one page long.