Olive’s 6th birthday just passed in October and I shared a a gift guide for 6-year-old girls back then. She’s pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts since her love for stuffed animals and mini toys haven’t waned over the past couple of years. But I scoped out stores like Etsy, Magic Cabin, Hearthsong, Anthropologie, and Uncommon Goods to put together this guide of unique toys for the 6-year-old in your life!

little patient

Little Patient Doll – A fun way to teach kids about the organs, and a great addition to our homeschool classroom.


Sun and Moon Plush – We talk about the sun and moon a lot here since a full moon is a big deal when you live on the beach. Mr. Bee’s nickname for Olive is also “moon” since Charlie is the “son.” I think they would love this set.


unicorn horn – If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The unicorn craze that is. Anthropologie also has some very pretty, more embellished unicorn headbands.


Unicorn Cereal Bowl – A handmade bowl for my cereal loving girl. There’s also a matching mug that would be perfect for holiday hot chocolate (this is a more affordable option).


Personalized superhero cape and mask – The success of Wonder Woman showed the world that superheroes are not only for boys.


Cat Collective Toddler Quilt – We recently rescued a litter of 6 kittens and kept two, and Olive is absolutely OBSESSED with them. She would adore this cat quilt, though Anthropologie carries so many other beautiful prints!


Fuzzy Fox Body Pillow – A body sized plush to cuddle with every night.


Unicorn Glow in the Dark 100 piece Puzzle – Olive is really into puzzles these days and this combines two of her favorite things — unicorns and glow in the dark!


Mood necklace – Olive loves my mood ring but she’s likely to lose a ring, so she’d love a mood necklace.


Montessori Wood Pencil Holder – A beautiful way to organize our tons of color pencils.


Wood Peg Doll Family – I’ve wanted to get one of these for ages and I like that this set is simple and affordable. There are so many different styles available including ones you can personalize with your family’s faces. I loved this Gruffalo one!


Mandala – This is pricey (on sale here) but since we live in nature and the kids are always collecting things like seashells, I think it would be put to great use! It teaches art, symmetry, math and much more!


Padded Bow and Arrow Set – Olive’s gross motor skills have always been delayed, and I really want to encourage her to play with toys like these that will increase her strength and gross motor skills.

getDynamicImage (1)

Solar Print Kit – Something so simple is just so cool. Art and science all in one.

getDynamicImage (4)

Hugglepod – We have two of these and the kids adore them.

getDynamicImage (7)

Paint Your Own Nutcracker – My kids are all about arts and crafts and they would love this activity!

getDynamicImage (6)

Woodland Friends Tea Set – My kids played with their tin tea set all the time. Many pieces are now dented, and I’d love to upgrade to a cute set like this.


Little Feminist Playing Cards – This deck of cards features beautiful illustrations of famous women in history. I would love to share the stories of all these strong, smart women with my little girl.

little people big dreams

Little People Big Dreams Book Series – This series of books targeted to children ages 5-8 features beautiful illustrations and inspiring stories of famous women who made history. There are already 10 books in the series with plans for more!


How to Find Flower Fairies – This is the first book in a series of three with intricate 3D cutots, flaps and more for your kid to explore. My daughter would absolutely adore this!


Doctor Who Mr. Men – The Doctors: Time and Space Collection – The Little Miss/Mr. Men series is one of Olive’s favorites. We already purchased one of the books in this series of 8 books, and Olive has asked for more so I would love this entire set.


Flipbook Kit – Olive loves to make little books of her own. This flipbook is sure to be a blast.


Family Dinner Box of Questions – We’ve done highs and lows of our day for years at the dinner table. I love that this mixes up what we talk about each day instead of just asking each other what we did that day.