Since Drake is my oldest, it’s always interesting to see what toys are out there for the older kids. These are some of the ones that perked my interest when I was searching out things to get Drake this year.


1) Seedling Design Your Own Marble Maze – Drake has been getting more into Minecraft recently and my friend told me about this Seedling toy that I thought was somewhat similar. It apparently allows you to create your own maze world and then step into it and move through it. It sounded pretty neat and when a nearby toy store was going out of business over the summer I managed to snag it at a great price. I’m hoping Drake likes it as I think it sounds pretty cool!

2) Ninjago Legos – Drake hasn’t really moved into Legos much like a lot of the boys in his class have. In the fall we ended up going to a party at the movies where we saw Ninjago and he really liked the movie. I was hoping that this would be the stepping stone for him in getting more into Legos.

3) Adventure Kit – Drake loves exploring and playing in our yard. He always wants to borrow our flashlights or binoculars so when I saw this set I thought it was perfect for him.

4) Glow in the Dark Terrarium – Drake made a terrarium this summer with his church class, but sadly it didn’t make it and we had to throw it away. I have been meaning to try again with him. This one look pretty neat and he can keep in his room to look at too.

5) 3D Puzzle – Fiona and Juliet both love puzzles, Drake not as much, but these 3D ones look kinda cool. I got him one of the White House for Christmas since he is very into Presidents. Maybe that will be a nice fun afternoon activity for him to make and display in his room.

6) Light Board – I’ve wanted to DIY a lightboard for Drake for a while, and I still might, but this lap size one might be a good start to see how he enjoys it. Right now he is really into making maps.

7) Tinker Crate – We are huge fans of Kiwi and Koala crates. We’ve never tried out Tinker Crate,but as Drake gets older the projects might be more suited for his age and interest. It’s also fun for kids to get things in the mail so it’s an added bonus to spread out the holiday excitement.

8) Art Set – We go through markers, crayons, and paper like water in the house. Sadly because Fiona is not so great about remembering to close markers or be gentler with crayons, many of them get damaged or ruined this time of the. This time of year it’s nice to get a restock. I got this art set on a Lightening deal over the summer and have been saving it for Christmas.

9) Clue Jr -I’m trying to move to more board games with all my kids. Clue was a favorite of mine as a kid.

10) Crystal Growing – We love science in this house and these look like a fun experiment to try on a rainy afternoon.