It’s our little guy’s birthday month! When we first learned his due date at my prenatal appointment, the common response was; poor kid’s birthday will be overlooked by the holidays. However, it really is a fun season to have a birthday. Here are few reasons why.


  1. It’s a festive time of year. Everyone is a good mood, lots of cookies, fun activities, and our little guy’s birthday becomes part of the excitement. Even at the hospital where I delivered him, the nurses swaddled him in a Christmas stocking. It was adorable!
  1. We celebrate his birthday with the whole family. We have family near and far, but we all gather for the holidays. Unlike his sister’s summer birthday parties with a few friends and relatives, our little guy has cousins, second cousins, third cousins, aunts and uncles, great aunts, and grandparents wishing him a happy birthday.
  1. While he doesn’t get presents at other times of the year, he gets a ton of presents during his birthday month. Instead of a one day event, his birthday becomes a month – long celebration from meet ups with different family and friends in December, which is pretty fun for a kid.
  1. There is potential for fantastic birthday parties. I wondered how to pull off a fun winter birthday party as our little guy gets older. (We have only had small family parties so far).  Planning around potentially bad weather can be tricky, but we will just have to embrace the cold and snow. A friend had a birthday party planned in December for her little boy when a snowstorm hit. Instead of cancelling the party, she changed the theme and location, and they had an epic snowball and sledding party instead. The kids loved the party, and talk about it still.
  1. It’s easy to get caught up in the rushing and craziness of the holidays. Knowing we also have his birthday to celebrate doesn’t add to the stress, but helps us take a step back and relax with our little guy on his birthday. It’s a like a brief time-out from the holidays, and then we jump back in to celebrations and parties.

The most adorable part of having a kiddo born during the holidays – our little guy thinks the greeting we give to family and friends is “Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday” because he hears it so often!