After two pregnancies, and two rounds of breastfeeding my bras were in sorry shape. I didn’t invest in new bras after my first pregnancy because I was trying to lose weight and anticipated getting pregnant again. And honestly, I didn’t have a good reason to hold off on bra shopping after my second baby, except having a large bust has always made bra shopping tricky and time consuming. But over the past two months, I focused on finding new bras like it was a life goal and found several styles I love!

First things first, go for a bra fitting if possible. I had my husband watch the kiddos at the mall, while I dashed off for a fitting. This gave me a baseline size to work with. Really, I used the fitting for the band size. For cup size, I knew I wanted full coverage for most of my bras. My day usually involves chasing around my wild three-year-old in a tank top, or teaching in front of college students. Either way I want full coverage bras with some padding. To get full coverage, I went up a cup size and kept the band size the same. I thought I would choose a wireless bra because my old bras were digging in. However, by going up a cup size the wires didn’t dig in and were supportive, which is crucial with a large bust. As with all my shopping adventures, I wanted to find bras that were affordable and fit within my budget. This would allow me to buy a couple of bras in the style I liked. So here are my top picks for affordable, full coverage bras:


Aerie Sunni Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bras – These are full coverage with padding, and lace trim. This is my new favorite style, and I bought several of these.


Soma Embraceable Full Coverage Bra – This style was comfortable with great coverage. I alternate between this style and the Aerie bras for comfort.

It’s also nice to have casual comfy bras, especially during the summer humidity. So here are my top picks for casual bras but with less coverage, slightly less support, but very comfortable.


Gap Body Everyday Smooth Wireless Bras –  These are wireless, so more comfortable, but they still have some padding.



Target Gilligan & O’Malley Women’s Unlined Micro Bra – This style has more support than the wireless styles, but they are unlined so I don’t use these for work, but I like them for casual wear.

One quick trick for any pregnant mommas. Invest in bra extenders. Between being petit and having a large cup size, my rib cage felt like it was going to explode during pregnancy. My band size was increasing but not my cup size until the last month of pregnancy. With the bra extenders, I could wear my favorite bras for most of my pregnancy. While bra shopping can be a hassle, having new bras that fit well, made me feel more put together, and I definitely should have done this sooner.

Any bra styles or brands you love?