I can’t believe it but Lil’ Pizza is 5! Earlier this month, we celebrated her birthday and threw her a “fancy tea party.” She was inspired by one of her favorite books from the Fancy Nancy series, Fancy Nancy Tea Parties and requested a party that involved dressing up, making crafts, having a tea party and dancing! Lil’ Pizza’s birthday falls soon after the busyness of the holidays, so we tried to brainstorm our ideas well before Christmas and then started to prepare for the party right after New Year’s Day. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked but here’s a glimpse at the party!

The guests arrived dressed “fancy” and were brought downstairs to start with crafts. They decorated crowns, fancy cups, place mats and made plume pens. While they were doing crafts, I had two grown ups do hair and nails on the girls. This was a big hit and the girls looked quite glamorous all dressed up with their curls and up-dos. I was also amazed at how patient the little girls were when they got their nails done.

After the girls finished their craft activities and had gotten their hair and nails done, it was time for the tea party. I used tea cups and tea pots from a variety of tea sets and the girls were delighted to use them to fill their cups with pink lemonade. I also laid out cards that had some of Fancy Nancy’s suggested words to use at a tea party which were mostly French. There were notes that mentioned to drink with their pinkies up, to say “merci,” and to call each other darling. As for the food, there were some sweet treats in addition to some simple tea sandwiches with strawberry jam and cream cheese, cucumber spread, ham and cheese, and fairy bread (apparently an Australian favorite which is basically just butter spread on bread with sprinkles).




Even our youngest guests, including Baby Pizza, enjoyed drinking from their tea cups.


I wanted an area that would be nice for group pictures. I thought about making a photo booth backdrop but found this tassel garland and the “5” balloon in the dollar section at Target, so I decided to go with what was simple.


Imagine the girls in their dresses, with crowns, boas, necklaces and sunglasses. It was the cutest sight and definitely the fanciest group of girls around! After the girls took their pictures, we sent them back downstairs to have them dance along to some of my favorite kids’ hip hop dance videos including this one.


After they danced a bit, we invited them back up to decorate a fancy glass (plastic wine glasses from the party store) with a few stickers. We sang Happy Birthday and then as we enjoyed our chocolate cake (Lil’ Pizza’s third year requesting chocolate cake), I gave a toast and had the girls clink their glasses and say cheers.


It was a sweet birthday party and Lil’ Pizza enjoyed every moment of it!