I barely have any reason to put on any makeup since I’m mostly home all day, but when I do I make sure it can all happen within 10 minutes! Here are my current products that are part of my morning routine:tinted-sunscreen-spf30

1.) Glowbiotics Tinted Sunscreen (and primer) – I love how this product is a moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup primer all in one! It saves the time of having to apply 3 different products. It’s a little pricey at $65, but a small dab goes a long way. I’ve noticed a difference in my makeup going on more smoothly and staying put throughout the day. The color isn’t too strong and seems to blend in nicely!


2.) Neutrogena colored chapstick (with SPF) – I love this chapstick so much, I have several everywhere so that I can use it at anytime! I have one in the car, one in my purse, one in the stroller organizer, and one in my favorite jacket pocket. The colors really make your lips pop (without looking too crazy) and the quality of the chapstick is really great. I’m one of those people that go nuts when I can’t find my chapstick so when I find one that I like, I make sure that I always have them around!


3.) Laura Mercier Foundation Powder – I love this foundation powder because it’s so light and natural. I use a big powder brush after my concealers and it seems to do a great job at covering up any redness or blotchy spots. Since I brush this product on most of the time, it lasts forever!


4.) MILK Makeup Spray – I was given this as a gift and it works great! All you need is 2 sprays on your face and it gives a little boost for hydrating and keeping your makeup on. It seems to be more natural and lighter than the typical makeup sprays.


5.) Son & Park Beauty Water – I absolutely love this product! It’s a very simple, clean toner that has the most addicting, wonderful scent. The bottle is also a bit pricey at $30, but you can usually find some coupons online. It also goes a long ways! My skin feels so hydrated and refreshed after applying this. I use this for night and day.


6.) Neutrogena Pencil Eyeliner – I always have this pencil eyeliner with me just in case, but I typically use this on my waterline around my eyes. (Mostly, my top waterline only.) It glides on well but also isn’t too runny/wet so it stays put. I use the sponge part to smudge the ends of my eyes if I feel like going for a darker look.

I won’t look very glamorous but they are my absolute go-to products for each morning! What are some things you guys are putting on an everyday basis?