Valentine Donut Friends Craft

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these happy donut friends! They’re a fun way to send a sweet message to friends, but they also make a great classroom craft during a Valentine party. With a bit of bit of paper, a few pipe cleaners, and some sparkly “sprinkles”, these donut pals come to life!

Valentine Donut Kid Craft

This is a great craft for elementary students to work on by themselves and with a little help, preschoolers can make happy donuts too. To simplify the process, you might want to skip the arms and legs (although they are super cute!).


Donut Valentine Supplies


Valentine Donut Friends PDF

Brown or Tan Card Stock or Construction Paper
Card Stock or Construction Paper in Frosting Colors
Pen and Pencil
Glue Stick
Pipe Cleaners
Tape (test your tape on the paper first, because not all tapes like to stick to construction paper)
Glitter, Sequins, Confetti, and/or Other Sprinkles

Trace the Donut Shapes

Print the PDF template pages and cut out the shapes. Use these to trace the shapes onto the papers. The larger shapes without faces are the donut bases, so make those and the small circle out of brown or tan. Trace the frosting shapes on colors.

If you plan on making lots of donut Valentines, print the templates on card stock so they hold up while tracing the pages. If you want, you can also print the designs directly onto the paper.

Cut Out the Donut Shapes

Cut out all the paper donut shapes.

Glue the Donut Pieces Together

Use a glue stick to attach the frosting pieces to the donut bases. Glue the small brown circle to the center of the round or heart donut to act as the hole in the center.

Draw a Face on the Donuts

Draw a little happy face on each donut. Use a ballpoint pen on construction paper, as a marker will bleed.

Bend Pipe Cleaner Limbs

Trim the pipe cleaners down to about 9 inches long (or a little longer). Bend in the ends to form little hands and feet. Fold the legs into a U shape.

Tape the Arms and Legs

Tape the arms and legs to the back of the donut friend.

Glue Sprinkles to Decorate the Donuts

Use glue to make little sprinkles on the frosting. You can make little lines, dots, or even squiggles.

Happy Donut With Glitter Sprinkles

Add glitter to the sprinkles!

Sequin Sprinkled Donut

You can also glue little sequins on your donut…

Confetti Sprinkled Donut Friend

…or a whole bunch of confetti! This one looks like the donuts that get dipped into sprinkles. So yummy!

Write Valentine Messages

To make your happy donuts into Valentine cards, cut small rectangles of paper and write a little message on each one. Donut puns are fun, but you can also go with a classic greeting or simply write the recipient’s name and sign the card.

Give Your Donuts Messages to Hold

Fold your donut friend’s hand around the message so they can hold it high!

Happy Valentine Donut Paper Craft

Although these happy donuts won’t stand on their own, you can bend the legs so they sit. Keeping them upright is a little tricky, but with the right bending and balancing, they’ll sit on a desk to spread some Valentine’s Day love!

Happy Crafting!