Most of my first trimester, I’ve been hitting an energy slump at 2pm (and then again at 5pm, and by 8pm I’m ready for bed!). But since the afternoon slump is the exact time of my toddler’s daily nap, I usually get a little buffer time to nap, catch up on work, take care of business, or just relax. I found my mental energy has been just as difficult to drum up as my physical energy which has been challenging and I have to remind myself that this is just a phase. I am used to being someone who delights in projects and squeezes a little personal creativity time into my spare moments. Without that drive I’ve felt a little down and not myself. My normal is definitely shifting already and the big one will come with the second baby, but I need to remind myself that how I’ve felt in the first trimester is not my new state of being and it’s not permanent.

I am also a terrible napper. It takes me a long time to fall asleep so I never know how long to set the alarm for and I either end up thinking of a whole bunch of things I want to do and not napping at all, or falling asleep for two hours and feeling way worse upon waking up because my body thinks I owe it a whole sleep cycle.

So on the days where I have no physical or mental energy by 2, I’ve been using that time to dream about the things I will do when I get energy back (this mostly involves making lists and browsing pretty things on Pinterest) or lose myself in an entertaining movie. My pre-pregnancy self would rarely allow myself to watch a film during Jujube’s precious nap time (me time!) but I have given over full permission to snacking and movie watching during this time. It solves for relaxation really nicely right now.

So here you have my top films that I watched over the last three months! I’m usually in the mood for something intriguing but funny.


Battle of the Sexes – This was engaging and beautifully shot. It definitely held my attention and was such an interesting glimpse into history as well as parallel to now. We were staying with my in-laws over Christmas and they remembered the events and Emma Stone’s character being on the news. They talked about it which was so interesting. I knew nothing about the story going into it, but I love seeing into this era of American women and was so impressed with the Billie Jean King story.


Meyerowitz Stories – This is a great film. I loved how much it reminded me of Woody Allen without any creepy undertones. Just neurotic, rich characters running around and tangling with each other and dealing with themselves. And my my goodness Adam Sandler played a great character! Apparently he’s a great actor when he’s not in control of the script.

Operator – I thought this was an authentic and real feeling story of a creative (in different ways) young couple dealing with what it looks like to collaborate, grow together, and really listen. A great concept for the digital age and they pulled it off well. Plus I think Mae Whitman is super cool. 

Pitch perfect 3 – Okay so I saw this in theaters with my sister over Christmas – still the perfect thing to feel like you’re actually getting out of the house and doing something instead of just laying around. Pitch Perfect number 3 – and still funny! Outrageous and simple entertainment with fun characters and friendships. I am growing up and so are they. Yay.

Mr. Roosevelt
– If you can handle awkwardness, you might really like this one. Or you might just want to have it on in the background while you’re doing something else, but it’s clever and sweet. I love the main character, Noel Wells who is the girlfriend in season one of Master of None, so I loved seeing her as the chaotic but believable lead in this. It’s quirky and deals with women and their art which I always find intriguing. It’s definitely a comedy and I liked it a lot.

The Polka King – What a weird thing to delve into but this true story is so intriguing. There are people in the world who live larger than life, make big gambles, win big and lose big. Sadly they are the kind of people that you want to be near but not intimate with because it can be so fun yet so heartbreaking to see them crash or lose or move on to something new. This is a great story. 

Band Aid – Tragic at times but so funny. My favorite part was when they talked about their friends breastfeeding publicly. They are a relatable couple yet the film is artistic and lets the characters be complex and raw and creative. It was made by an all-female crew and it totally showed for me in the genuineness of the characters and relationships. (Zoe Lister-Jones wrote, directed and starred in it. Wow.)

Downsizing – Just got out on a date with Mr. Gumdrop even though I was so tired and we both almost bailed. But it’s almost out of theatres and I’ve been wanting to see it and I’m glad we did. It was funny and sweet and thoughtful but it went in a direction that I wasn’t expecting – suddenly veering off the path of the intriguing complexities of a tiny and suddenly wealthy miniature world into a strange epic journey that didn’t have much to do with being small. The film itself was interesting enough but the questions it draws up about what it means to live on (and further populate) a planet that is changing rapidly have been really thought provoking.


Let me know if you’ve seen any of these or if you think of something else that might be up my alley.