Before kids, Mr. Pizza and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards and a dinner out. It wasn’t a “big deal” holiday for us, but it was always a good excuse to enjoy a nice meal and show our love and appreciation for each other. Now that we have kids, holidays are more playful and fun and I look forward to celebrating the big and small holidays. Last year, we made a special night with the girls on Valentine’s Day aka Love Day and we are planning to do it again this year.

Mr. Pizza picked up Valentine’s Day themed decor, plates and flatware. He even picked up plastic champagne glasses at the party store and flowers for all of us. This was all his idea and I’m so thankful for how he made the night so special for his three favorite ladies.

We all got ready for our “fancy” dinner. Mr. Pizza suited up and the girls and I wore dresses. We put on some super cheesy Valentine’s music (cue Kenny G music and Lionel Richie’s Endless Love) and ordered carry out at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Mr. Pizza poured juice into the glasses for the girls and wine for me. After dinner, Mr. Pizza danced with each of us. It was such a sweet and memorable night.


I’m so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day again with my family this way.  There are so many simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with little ones. Here are some ideas!


  • Make heart shaped food (We’ve made pizza, pancakes and banana bread into heart shapes)
  • Draw pictures for each other
  • Learn to say “I love you” in another language
  • Learn to say “I love you” in sign language
  • Say one thing you love about someone in your family
  • Leave love notes around the house to find
  • Learn a song about love. We love Daniel Tiger’s song “There are many ways to say I love you” (You can listen to it on AmazonMusic)
  • Make up a song about love
  • Give lots of hugs and kisses
  • Write a caring note to someone outside of your family (a neighbor, a teacher, a friend)
  • Read a book about love (I Love You All the Time, Guess How Much I Love You, I Love You, Stinky FaceThe I LOVE YOU book, Love you Forever)
  • Put up Valentine themed decorations (The Dollar Store and the dollar section at Target always have awesome finds!)


What are some simple ways you make Valentine’s Day special for your family?