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Five Friday Favorites – March 30th, 2018

We’re trying a new thing on the blog! Every Friday one blogger will share five things she’s loving right now. These can be anything from an interesting podcast to a favorite beauty or baby product to an engrossing book to a sweet kid moment – the only requirement is that it is a favorite. We’d […]

The One that Wasn’t Meant to Be

This post was originally written during Summer 2017. It has taken me a while to get comfortable with sharing this experience. Finally, I feel like I am in a place to put this out there in hopes that others who may have experienced or are currently experiencing an ectopic pregnancy can find comfort in my story. […]


10 Easter Basket Ideas for School-Aged Kids

I cannot believe it is almost Easter! Doesn’t it feel like 2018 just started??  Where does the time go? Every year feels faster than the last, that’s for sure. Personally, I think Easter baskets are a great excuse to stock up on things that are just around the corner, like summer and back-to-school. Every year, […]

Mexico with Two Toddlers

The Starfish family just returned home from spring break in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We had a lovely time playing in the sun, catching up with my husband’s family who was also vacationing down there, and spending some quality time together. But I promise to always be straight with you all – and the truth is […]

Oral Immunotherapy – Next Steps

We had our teleconference orientation with SoCal Food Allergy on Friday, and got a more detailed understanding of what to expect in our upcoming appointments. Other practices might handle things differently, but this is what we can expect at this facility: FIRST VISIT: The Consultation Our very first visit will be more consultative than anything. This is […]


Gift Guide: Easter Baskets for Little Kids

This year Easter comes early on Sunday, April 1st, which is less than 1 week away! Easter is such a fun holiday – obviously it holds religious meaning for many, but in my family it also doubles as a celebration of spring’s arrival (the Midwest forecast this week notwithstanding). I try to focus most of our gift […]

The Anxiety (and Futility) of Comparison

I was scrolling through Instagram one average Sunday morning and saw a video of a friend’s daughter writing notes to her friends. She had a few lines written out, her letters typically cartoonish for a 4 year old, but in mostly straight lines along the notebook page and legible. The video popped up just a […]

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