One major benefit of having twinbling toddler girls are the clothes. I’ve never been one to shy away from dressing the girls alike (for those not in the twin community, this is an area of relatively high debate!) and with an outfit on display twice over every day, I’ve come to form some opinions on brands. Herewith, my favorites in the play and special occasion areas!

Play Clothes

For everyday wear, I like Carter’s and OshKosh for things like leggings, onesies and tops. I find that their clothing holds up pretty well, is easily washed, and is pretty darn cute. Admittedly, there is a lot of pink and purple and other traditionally girly patterns with Carter’s (less so for OshKosh in my experience), but I’ve recently snagged some girl items with dinosaurs and I’m hopeful that they will continue to cross over some of the more boy-oriented themes (cars, trains, etc). We are also a Costco family and there are frequently Carter’s items for a really good price there, especially their fleece pajamas, and that is where I tend to stock up on those essentials.

Jean jackets 3

One of my all-time favorite looks for the girls was a matching set of OshKosh jean jackets!


My next-favorite sister group of brands is Baby Gap and Old Navy. For me, Baby Gap’s price point is a bit too high to stock up on everyday essentials (times two), but we received many Baby Gap clothes as gifts in the first year and they were adorable and held up very well. As for Old Navy, last year we stocked up on leggings there and I found their prints to be adorable and their quality to be sturdy. These were the leggings that the girls wore as they learned to crawl and I don’t think we saw a single threadbare knee which is pretty remarkable!

Cat & Jack also makes my list here. Available at Target, their items are super cute and affordable. While I don’t feel that the materials are as high-quality as Baby Gap or some others on my list, they hold up well and I think the cuteness factor is high enough to offset that (especially at younger ages where the girls outgrow most outfits before anything starts to show much wear and tear).

cat and jack

The girls have sported Cat & Jack bunny coats this winter in Chicago.

Every once in a while, I find myself on the hunt for basics for the girls and it can be surprisingly difficult to find items in a specific style and color without logos or prints. When this is the case, I turn to For instance, for the girls’ Halloween costumes we created Madeline costumes with a basic blue dress base. I was able to easily find and order the simple dresses online at Primary and I was quite happy with the quality and we’ve re-used the dresses outside of Halloween several times since.


Madeline Halloween costumes with a Primary blue dress.

The girls also have a lot of everyday play clothes from the British brand Kite. My mother-in-law is a master-level bargain shopper and she snagged a ton of Kite outfits for the girls on the cheap when a local children’s boutique went out of business. I love the Kite clothes – they are very high quality, and made of organic fabrics. My favorite items are their cotton rompers, which the girls wear at least once a week.


Coloring in cotton Kite rompers.

Finally, although I haven’t personally shopped for Hanna Andersson, we have received several outfits from this brand as gifts from grandparents. I have found these outfits to be absolutely adorable and some of my top favorites. That said, I really hate how many buttons this brand uses on their clothing and I nearly always am cursing under my breath as I get the girls dressed in these outfits!

Special Occasion Clothes

I’m lumping the following brands in as “Special Occasion” and by that I mean that I buy them for special days or events (holidays, birthdays), or I’ve bought them for special reasons (a great sale, for instance!).

One of my favorite toddler clothing brands is Mini Boden. I am always keeping my eyes open for sales from this brand because their regular price point is too high for me. I love the style of this brand, with classic children’s details that are a lot of fun and have some adorable whimsy. I’ll be honest that when the Mini Boden catalogue arrives in my mailbox, I feel equal parts elated and frustrated because while I love browsing their styles, I just can’t stomach the steep price tag!

On the affordable end of my special occasion picks is the brand Bailey’s Blossoms. This is an online boutique that features super frilly and budget-friendly pieces. I purchased the girls first-birthday outfits from this boutique and they were adorable and just what I wanted for that special day. That said, I wouldn’t personally purchase items here with everyday wear in mind as the outfits that I purchased didn’t feature easy on/easy off basics that I look for (snap crotches, for instance).


First birthday outfits from Bailey’s Blossoms.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Janie & Jack here. I love the details on their clothes, and I think they are so lovely for big holidays and special occasions. The girls’ Christmas dresses last year were from Janie & Jack, and we received so many compliments on them. They were classic, had a beautiful faux-fur collar around the neck, and even the zipper looked beautiful to me! I like to hunt at Janie & Jack at our local outlet mall, and it would probably be one of my first stops for a wedding or other major special occasion outfit for the girls.


Janie & Jack dresses for the Christmas holiday.

Some other “special occasion” brands that I’ve also liked a lot include Rare Editions, Tea Collection, and Ralph Lauren. We haven’t had as much of these brands in the girls’ closet as the others listed here, and I don’t usually seek these brands out, but I have only positive things to say about my experience with them.

A word on hair accessories

I’ll wrap this up with a quick word on toddler girl hair accessories. Our girls have had headband bows in their hair since their first weeks in this world. At nearly two years old, they have mostly outgrown headbands but they still love to play with them (they organize and sort them, identify the bow colors, count them, and practice putting them on their heads). We have a huge bag of headband bows in different colors that my mother-in-law purchased from Amazon. The price on these assorted bows is so low that I almost never buy headbands or other hair pieces from the stores listed above. The same goes for the primary hair accessory that the girls wear now, small clip-on bows.

I am pretty certain that I’ve missed tons of great toddler girls brands – please share your favorites!