Hello, and Happy Friday!! I’m so excited to share with you all some of my current favorites. I had so many – it was hard to whittle them down to just five, but here they are!


1/ The Amope Pedi Perfect Rechargeable Foot File – I have to admit I’m somewhat of an oddball in that I don’t love getting pedicures.  I get restless sitting there for an hour, and I can think of a million other things I’d rather do with that hour, but I love the soft, nourished feet I get at the end of it all.  This Amope rechargeable foot file gives me that smooth, callous-free feet I desire so much in one convenient package. I’ve tried other foot files and pumice stones in the past, but the results haven’t come close to what the Amope does for me. I haven’t gotten a professional pedicure in over 6 months, and with this by my side, I may never need to again.



2/ Ugly Delicious on Netflix – David Chang, infamous chef/owner of NYC’s Momofuku, takes you on a culinary and cultural adventure in this new Netflix series. Every episode features amazing food, while tackling topics such as cultural influences on food, the meaning behind food, and how it works to bring communities and cultures together. It is a compelling look into food culture in America and around the world. Mr. Heels and I have been watching one episode per night, and won’t be looking forward to when we reach the end.


3/ Peach and Lily –  When I first got into Korean skincare, I was all about SokoGlam. The brands were more familiar to me (Missha, Klairs, Neogen), and the price point was great. A few months ago, I branched out and decided to order from Peach & Lily even though I had never heard of most of the brands on their site before. What lured me in and convinced me to try their products was their curation process. Then they earned my trust by proving that every product on their site is just as good as they promised. Everything I’ve tried so far (and I mean everything) have become holy grail products. I can personally vouch for their Peach & Lily Citrus Honey Aqua Glow Moisturizer, the May Coop Raw Sauce (toner, emulsion, and essence in one), this snail repair cream, this peptide serum, and these sheet masks. They all absorb well (no tacky, sticky textures), have subtle, non-overpowering scents, and come beautifully packaged. Start with their “best of’s”, and have fun exploring!


4/ Sam Edelman Sandals – I came across these sandals at Nordstrom, and immediately asked to try them on. They were a perfect fit. The straps minimize the wideness of my feet, and there is just enough cushion to make these comfortable to walk in. I love that they mimic the gladiator sandal trend that is “in” right now, but hold your foot in place with a simple back strap. They’re easy to slip on and off – a necessity for an on-the-go mom with young kids. I can’t wait to wear these all summer long!


5/ Collagen Peptide Powder – I’m using the one by Further Foods that I purchased from Costco.com simply because I trust Costco’s curation process and it had great reviews.  I’ve been feeling more creaky and run-down lately, and one of my knees have been hurting from the running that I do, so I decided to give collagen peptide powder a try. I’ve long been into bone broths and other nourishing foods, so incorporating a collagen peptide powder into my diet seemed like a logical next step. Collagen peptide powders work to heal your gut, build stronger joints, reduce the signs of aging by minimizing collagen loss, and is great in general for healthy hair, skin, and nails. It can even help with weight loss by curbing appetite and suppressing hunger. I take one scoop in the morning in my morning coffee, and can’t taste a thing. Since I started using this a month ago, I’ve noticed that my knee pain is gone, and that my hair is growing super fast and feels fuller than ever. If you don’t have a Costco membership, you can get the same powder from Amazon as well.

So ladies, now it’s your turn. I want to hear all about your Friday Favorites this week! Please share in the comments or on the boards!