One fun thing I did recently was participate in a parent focus group for a large toy company! I had some free time in the morning so I decided to do something out of the ordinary and was selected to be in the group for moms who had babies in the range of 0-12 months old. They encouraged us to bring in any technology type of device that we were currently using.

When I arrived at the meeting, I greeted the other moms in a mirrored room. I immediately got along with the first mom sitting next to me, who had her second child just a couple months ago. We were a pretty diverse group of moms:

Me: 4 year old boy, 6 month old girl
Mom 1: 3 year old boy, 2 month old boy
Mom 2: 2 year old girl, 2 week old girl
Mom3: 4 month old boy


They asked us a lot of questions about what we were going through currently, and most of our conversation landed on one main topic – SLEEP! How to make the baby fall asleep, keep them asleep, what we use to get them to sleep better, and so on. They gave us a list of needs and asked us to prioritize them from most to least important. The list included things like “baby’s oxygen levels” or “being able to know when they’re awake.” The devices we were using were helping us live our lives (eat, sleep, shower) while having the newborn sleeping safely on their own.


Me & Mom 1: Both agreed that our first priority was monitoring their breathing and oxygen levels. Even though we weren’t as nervous for our second kid, SIDS and the inability to breathe was our main concern. Anything that helped us monitor their breathing and oxygen levels was high on our list. We both loved the idea of the Owlet, but it was too expensive for us to buy, especially for our last child ($300!) It only monitored their oxygen & heart levels, but I wish it had at least one other feature to make it worthy buying. It also seemed a little annoying to be wrapped around the baby’s foot.

Mom 2: wanted to monitor the baby’s sleep patterns. This meant that she could predict when the baby would be in the deepest sleep so that she could shower, cook, or do other things. She brought a device called the Nanit – something I had never heard before! This device acts as a baby monitor, nightlight and also tracks the baby’s sleep so that it can predict when the baby will have the deepest/longest stretch of sleep. This device seemed a bit more worth it ($279) because it had so many features. A baby monitor alone can cost $200, so the fact that the Nanit acted as a baby monitor, night light and had phone features (you could check it on your phone) it seemed like really great tool!

Mom 3: wanted to something to make her baby fall asleep. She had the SNOO – a bassinet that comes with a built in swaddle that can sense when your baby wakes up and rocks your baby back to sleep. I had never heard of the SNOO before, but after reading upon it, it sounded like the greatest invention of all time! (Just a warning if you watch the video about it, you will want it with all your heart.) She was only able to afford this (retailed at about $1200) through her in laws, but we all agreed it was just way too expensive for such a short period of time.

They asked us to basically create our dream device for our current baby stage. We wanted the SNOO + Nanit + being able to monitor oxygen levels. Extra bonus points if it can somehow be transitioned into a toddler size bassinet or bed! Of course, the reality of something like this being built stills like a far off dream. But if a reputable company could create such a thing and have lots of moms vouch for it, it would make the postpartum days much more tolerable!

Is there anything missing from this “dream device” that you could think of? Have you ever tried any of these new sleep products for babies?