Printable Mother's Day Locket Card

Want an easy Mother’s Day card that’s also a little wearable gift? Look no further than this printable DIY locket! It’s a great kid craft that moms and grandmas will love to receive.

The front of the locket card sends a simple Mother’s Day greeting and the inside reveals a special handmade picture from mom or grandma’s favorite kid! Of course, this doesn’t have to only be a place for a drawing. The inside can contain a note or even a cut-out photograph.

The best part is that mom or grandma can actually wear this special card for the rest of the day.

Mother's Day Locket Card Supplies


You will need:

Golden Yellow Cardstock or Paper
White Paper
Crayons or Markers
Hole Punch
Glue Stick

Mothers Day Locket PDF

Note: If you don’t have yellow cardstock or paper, you can print this on white and add some color with crayons or markers!

Color a Self-Portrait for the Locket

Print the first page of the locket PDF on yellow and the second page on white. Kids can draw their own self-portrait on the white hearts.

Instead of drawing a picture, you can use these hearts as a template for cutting out a photo for inside the locket.

Cut Out the Locket and Picture

Cut out the outside locket piece and the picture heart piece. Younger children might need a little help with the locket shape. But part of the charm of a kid-made project is that it’s not perfect but it is made with love.

Fold the Locket and Punch a Hole

Fold the locket in half and use a hole punch on the marked circle at the top.

Glue the Picture Inside the Locket

Use a glue stick to attach the picture inside the locket. You can add a second picture if you’d like. For example, it might be fun to have a picture of siblings or mom on one side and child on the other!

Add a String to Make it a Necklace

Cut a piece of string that’s about 30 inches long. Thread it through the top of the locket and tie the ends together.

Mother's Day Locket Craft

This locket is ready to for mom to celebrate her day!

Printable Mother's Day Locket Kid Craft

The fun part about this project is that’s is a card that you can wear. Plus what mom or grandma doesn’t love a picture of the little ones in her life? Especially when that picture is handmade.

When you wear this locket, it may want to open a little. That just shows off the adorableness that’s inside! But if you want to make it stay closed, add a tiny roll of washi tape inside.

Oh, and since this is a card, be sure to have your young crafter sign the back or the inside (if you’re only using one picture).

DIY Mother's Day Locket Paper Craft

Happy Crafting!