Hi everyone! It’s been awhile… kindergarten, a one and a half year old tornado, freelance WAHM life, travel, and, well, life. It’s busy! Most of the time I am crashing into bed instead of doing anything fun like writing. But I love this Friday Favorites idea, and so I wanted to pop in and say hello while sharing some of my recent faves.

1/ Hand embroidery

I got into this hobby after being inspired by some crafty friends! I haven’t touched a hoop in probably a month now — it’s just not on the top of my priority list — but, when I get some more free time, I can’t wait to pick it up again. I’ve been learning as I go, and I love it because it’s more freeform than something like knitting or cross stitch. I have a hard time following numbers and patterns, but this I can just make up as I go along!

Hand Embroidery

2/ Not having any scheduled activities

M finished gymnastics a few weeks ago, and it is so nice to have our weekends back again. We had signed both kids up for a casual dance class and M for indoor soccer, and then we got super busy, had to travel down to Mac Daddy’s mom’s house unexpectedly, went on vacation… we literally attended one single soccer class and maybe four dance classes total between both kids.

I am learning my lesson and probably not signing M up for any major summer activities, though she is very interested in the idea of outdoor soccer. It’s nice to just go where we want to go, when we want to, and honestly, trying to get her to go along with the rules and structure of rec activities is about as fun as pulling teeth.

We’re going to a drop-in reading club once weekly until school is over, and then the library puts on a summer reading program that is also drop-in and casual. Hopefully that’s enough structure to keep her happy!


3/ M’s kindergarten art

I am loving the pictures that are coming home — mostly for their captions. One of the latest was supposed to be a weather log, but instead of the actual weather it was a string of sunshines and a note from the teacher explaining that M refused to draw anything else.


4/ The return of good weather

In northern Ontario you’re not really safe, weather-wise, until June, but the snow is gone and I don’t think anything else we may get will actually stick on the ground. We’ve been going to the town playground after school most days, and Mac Daddy has been taking the kids out to play in our yard while I make dinner. A is obsessed with being outdoors, ever since we vacationed with my dad in South Carolina! I suspect we’ll have a very outdoorsy summer.

5/ Rose cider

And on that note, I had rose cider in South Carolina, and I want more! I haven’t found it locally but have put in a request at the grocery store’s wine and beer section, so I’m crossing my fingers. I can practically taste it as I type.

That’s it for me! What are your favorites right now? Please share in the comments or on the boards!