My little ones aren’t babies anymore, and I’m finding I miss some of those sweet baby moments. However, I had several different baby keepsakes that I love, and I’m glad I took the time to do.

Quilts –

Both my babies had quilts hanging up in their nurseries. A family member gifted one to my daughter, which makes it all the more special. We found someone on Etsy to make a quilt for my son’s nursery with a fishing theme. (My husband and daughter both love to fish, and they love taking him fishing now too). When we fully change their rooms to “big kid” rooms, I plan to store these for my kiddos to have as adults if they wish.

Baby Book –

Both my husband and I have large extended families. In the kids’ baby books I’ve included pictures of relatives and family friends holding them as babies. It’s been a difficult few years with family members passing away, some who were elderly, but two that were young and unexpected. I love that I have pictures of our babies with them — that their baby books double as a link to their family history. I also made our baby books “old school” by cutting out the pictures and arranging the background paper. BeBe loved helping me make the book for her baby brother. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I love to look back on how her preschool self, cut out pictures and arranged parts of her brother’s baby book.


Saved Phrases and Milestones –

These sheets are actually part of the baby book. I’ve kept track of all the big milestones and continue to keep a list of phrases they’ve said as they grow up.  I heard so many times that you forget the milestones and phrases, and it’s true. I find I have to look them up now to remember.

Handprint/ Footprint Art –

For BeBe I had these professionally done with a Piggies and Paws party, and they turned out so cute. For our little guy, my friend and I did it ourselves, and they look adorable.  I had these up in their nurseries. Once they get older I’ll probably move them to the laundry room, so I can look at their cute hands and piggie prints while washing stinky teenager clothes.

I’m not a great photographer and we never did professional photos; however, I took a million candid shots on my cell phone. I’m happy with the pictures I have and of course it’s fun to look through them. But interestingly, the kids and I love the stories behind the keepsakes more. How the quilt in their room was specially gifted or why it was made for them, or who the relative is laughing and holding them as a baby. And they are also amazed at how tiny their feet once were.

Did you have any baby keepsakes that you love?