It seems that Toddler Pencil was meant to be surrounded by females. That was one reason why I figured he would have a baby sister! For some reason in 2014, there was a wave of baby girls born and he seemed to be the only boy. So for most of his 4 year old life, he’s spent hanging out with my friends’ daughters. It worked out pretty well so far, since he’s not your typical rough and tough little boy. But I knew there would be a day when the whole gender thing might be an issue.

We were invited to our first princess party (Beauty & The Beast) and I suggested having Toddler Pencil come as a prince – the mother of the birthday girl loved the idea! So hence, began my first craft project in creating a prince costume.


Let me start by saying I don’t have a sewing machine or any experience sewing or making costumes. At all. So here begins the process! I’m more of a trial and error gal, even though there are wonderful instructions online. I basically went off of this Pinterest picture to create a prince costume from Beauty and the Beast. (The birthday girl was going to be Belle.)

I knew it was not going to look nearly as professional as this, but I realized that you can modify certain things and a pretty similar look! I gathered the following:

  • skinny black jeans
  • white collar shirt
  • a blue blazer (of mine)
  • 1 yard of gold fabric ($4.99 at Joann’s)
  • 1 yard of lace ($2.99 at Joann’s)
  • heat bond adhesive ($3.66 at Amazon)


That’s it! I had a simple sewing kit but realized that using the heat bond adhesive worked way faster. I knew he was probably going to wear this costume for 15 minutes max before ripping it off and running around, so I was not going for a flawless fit or look. The vest was the only thing that was going to be made from scratch. Since it was an under piece, I did not spend that much time on it at all. I basically grabbed one of Toddler Pencil’s vests and drew a 3 piece cut out for sizing. I used the heat adhesive to fold the ends and then hand sewed the edges together using a simple running stitch.


I just randomly hand sewed the lace on the top collar part and used a tiny clasp to make it stay closed.


I lucked out just having a blue blazer to begin with. All I had to do was cut off a few buttons, cinch at the seams and cut a little fabric.


After looking at the Beast’s costume, I realized he had a lot of gold lining on the inside. Since I had lots of gold fabric leftover, I decided to line the inside of the draping. This time I only used the heat adhesive it went much more quickly! I wish I had only used the heat adhesive all around because it was basically like gluing things together.


The complete look:


These pictures were impossible to get because 4 year olds don’t exactly enjoy posing for pictures when there’s cake around. There was a lot of yelling and motioning behind these pictures! (As usual.)


A couple afterthoughts… I regret using so much of the gold fabric on the inside lining because it made it so slippery! The jacket kept falling off and I had to run around and keep it on Toddler Pencil’s shoulders. If I had more time I would have added some gold buttons to hold it together somehow. Also, I wish I had him holding a red rose to complete the look just like the Pinterest picture!

Other than that, he was the only prince in a sea of princesses and it was just adorable.¬†What I loved most is that the kids all played with or without the get up. That’s the thing I love about being innocent kids – they have fun no matter what anyone is wearing! And let’s be honest… these costumes get crazy messed up and dirty anyway!

Even though it was a rough start, I look forward to making more costumes in the future. Any tips you costume making mamas have for a beginner?