Five Friday Favorites – June 1, 2018

Happy Friday (and Happy June) everyone! I have a lot of random favorites, so it was hard to choose. I’ve absolutely loved what everyone else shared so hopefully you will love these too. Enjoy!


1/ Invisiboble hair ties  These are so great for everyday use! They hold up your hair without pulling, and don’t leave that annoying dent in your hair. My regular black ties always somehow slid off my hair, but these hold them much longer. I recently got my hair permed and found that it’s also great for curly hair. I have been seeing these all over the place on people’s wrists, and now I know what the craze is!


2/ Dreem iPhone case  I have a huge iPhone 7+, so getting a good quality case was important for me! I always drop it, scratch it, and bang up my electronics (I’m the worst), so I have to make sure I have something durable and long lasting. I use my phone for literally everything, so I love having this wallet case to go along with it. The entire back of the phone is magnetic and very strong, so it will hold up my phone. Which brings me to my next favorite thing…



3/ VAVA Magnetic cell phone holder – This magnetic holder pairs perfectly with my Dreem iPhone case. I literally can throw my phone on this and it will catch it with a strong grip. It’s so much better than having a small part of your phone be the magnetic part – I’ve done this before and hate even the few seconds trying to locate the magnetic part. But because the entire back part of the cell phone is magnetic, it makes it very convenient to hold up my phone right away. No clipping, moving around, or squeezing to get the phone in just right. It’s been a game changer!



4/ Norwex Enviro Cloth – It took me a long time to trust using this, but now I can’t stop! If you don’t know about Norwex cloths, they are basically the biggest and baddest multipurpose cloths you can use for basically anything! You only need water – no more paper towels or buying cleaning sprays. That was the game changer because I use paper towels for everything, and it seemed like I was always running to the store to buy more. The microfiber material is made with an exclusive micro silver antibacterial agent that self purifies, so yay for you germaphobes! Simply use water over kitchen counters, baby toys, counter tops and everywhere else. It doesn’t stink like rags and you rarely have to wash it. And if you’re all for being environmental, this saves on trash and buying paper products and plastic bottles!


5/ CleanSmart spray – After Baby Pencil caught RSV, I became obsessed with cleaning doorknobs, remotes, light switches, and basically anywhere where hands touch. (Yes, slightly obsessive over here!) I love this spray because you don’t need to wipe and it will dissolve into saline water. Just spray and walk away!  It supposedly kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, germs, mold and fungus. I plan to use this religiously next flu season.  We also had a mold scare when it rained and I sprayed this everywhere before the mold inspection. This is safe for kids and leaves no residue. (There’s also a toy disinfectant version and a travel size version!)

I can’t wait to hear what you are loving this week. Please share your Friday Favorites in the comments or on the boards!

  1. Cowandpig

    pea / 11 posts

    For the Norwex and other similar cloths, the point of the silver is that it’s *self*-cleaning, so any bacteria it picks up will be rendered inactive a few hours later. The silver in the towel doesn’t do anything for the surface you’re wiping, just FYI.

  2. Mamaof2

    squash / 13022 posts

    I am so scared to try those hair ties – as a curly haired girl they look like it would be a nightmare to get out!

  3. Mrs. Pencil

    blogger / apricot / 324 posts

    @Cowandpig: yes, perfectly stated! Are you a Norwex user too?

    @Mamaof2: They are perfect for super curly hair too! I have curly hair and all my curly haired friends say this is the BEST. It won’t get tangled, or if it does, not nearly impossible to get out as regular hair ties. Worth a try!

  4. snowjewelz

    wonderful kiwi / 23047 posts

    I was never sure of the hype of those hair ties, but I am intrigued! Does it stretch out over time? My biggest gripe with my black hair ties is that they stretch out later.

    I’ve been invited to so many Norwex parties, but never pulled the trigger on anything! I keep saying when I run out of my current cleaning supplies, haha…

    And just adding the spray to my cart. I am crazy about spraying/wiping things down too!

  5. josina

    pomegranate / 3028 posts

    I LOVE my Norwex enviro cloth and the window cloth. Streak-free windows every time and no chemicals.

  6. Lauren


    Germ-a-phobe here!
    I have three young kids (5, 3 & 2) that are in daycare and pick up ALL the sickness. We typically get a stomach bug every few months and when one gets it… we all get it. I have done a TON of research on trying to prevent the stomach flu. There is a website: stopthestomachflu.com, that has become my bible. She tested the Norwex cloths and found they weren’t as “clean” as they claim to be. They still carry a lot of germs, even after washing them. I think they are great for general cleaning purposes, but I wouldn’t trust them to “de-germ” your house to prevent RSV or other sickness.

  7. starlitsky

    kiwi / 506 posts

    I would love to hear more about your perm!!

  8. Mrs. Pencil

    blogger / apricot / 324 posts

    @snowjewelz: It does stretch a little bit not nearly as bad as regular ties! I forgot to mention they also make great toys for little babies on the go I’m with you on the Norwex thing… I even got one for FREE and I didn’t use it for over a year! But once someone told me how to start using them (enviro cloth, just wipe counters) I started to get used to the idea. Maybe start with those small $10 travel size ones for wiping counters??

    @lauren: that website sounds amazing… but also a black hole for someone like me, haha! I came to realize I will never be able to be completely clean the way I want with kids, and yep – I’m sure Norwex isn’t 100% killing all the germs BUT it does a way better job than paper towels. Plus all the other stuff mentioned – saving the earth and not buying spray products. I still simply soak and wash with hot water for all baby stuff and use Norwex mostly for common areas.

    @starlitsky: haha! What would you like to know? I got a digital perm, and it’s ok. Depending on where you live it’s a hit or miss. Spend extra on perm & coloring, if people mess those up it can be a pain to get back to normal !

  9. starlitsky

    kiwi / 506 posts

    @Mrs. Pencil: have you gotten a perm before or was it your first time? do you feel like it helps you look more put together? i hardly ever have time to style my hair and I have very fine hair so I wonder if getting a perm would help!

  10. Mrs. Pencil

    blogger / apricot / 324 posts

    @starlitsky: Ack, sorry I forgot to reply about this! I’ve gotten many perms in my life, and I definitely think it’s less maintenance than straight hair! Of course, it all depends per person, but I had no volume and my hair was just limp and BLAH everyday. I mostly put it in a bun anyways, so the perm gives me more to work with. On hot summer days, I just scrunch the ends with some gel or mousse and let it air dry. I recommend a digital perm AND do not go to cheaper places for something like this! They can mess it up and damage it if they’re not experienced. I think for thin/fine hair, a digital perm is a nice change! Good luck!

  11. starlitsky

    kiwi / 506 posts

    @Mrs. Pencil: thank you so much!! I may consider it for the summer…

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