I buy books year round and we have a lot of favorite authors so its always fun to see what new ones are coming on the horizon.  Here are the ones we are looking forward to:


Seeds and Trees (available June 12th) – I can’t wait for this book.  I loved the illustrations when I first saw it but the message inside about how words like seeds can take root and either blossom or harden and shrivel is such a special one I feel. I love stories like this which take a lesson and make them more grounded for children to grasp and see. The idea of watching words bloom or not bloom in regards to how we use them is so vital I think as we try to make sure our children understand how important it is that we watch how we speak and talk to our peers.


Chomp Goes the Alligator (available September 4th) – Matthew Van Fleet, one of my favorite authors of fun interactive books, has another fun book on the way. To say we own almost every one of his books is probably accurate and I will be so sad when my kids all age out of his delightfully entertaining stories.  For now Fiona still is a big fan so we can hopefully add one more to the shelves before we age out.



Saving Fiona (available June 19th) – In January 2017 a baby hippo named Fiona was born pre-maturely at the Cincinnati zoo, and my Facebook feed of zoo-born animals became filled with her darling little face.  I have been following Fiona’s life now through social media for some time. I have loved showing my kids her photos and videos, so we can see the hippo Fiona as she grows. I think they will love having a book to look through at her cutest moments.


Pearl (available October 19th) – Molly Idle is one of the authors we follow. Drake has loved her wordless books with different birds, from flamingos to peacocks etc for a while now.  I have always loved her style of drawing, so, when I saw this mermaid book coming, I was extremely keen on it.  I have been loving mermaids a lot recently, so I really want to look at all the illustrations and see what the story is about.


Brick (available June 15th) – A brick wondering where her place will be in the world of buildings and structures takes an architectural tour at famous buildings and creations. It seems like such a neat way to show off the wonders man has built through the ages all over the world.


A Place for Pluto (available June 13th) – It’s a running joke in our family about the status of the planet Pluto. Mr. Chocolate, being a science teacher, is very adamant about the demotion of the planet which happened in 2006, while I side on the idea of letting it be grandfathered in. Through the years we have had running jokes about the status of said little rock so when I saw this book it was almost too perfect for our family. This looks like a cute story to talk about the big change in the solar system and where Pluto’s place stands today.


Lost in the Library (available August 28th) – The cover of this book reminded me of another story about a lion in the library appropriately titled Library Lion. I’m not sure if these two books are related in any way, but the similarities have me curious for sure.


Cute as an Axolotl (available August 28th) – A book highlighting some of the weirder and more unusual animals of the zoo world is perfect for Drake. At this point I don’t think there are many animals that exist that Drake doesn’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of, so I’m always looking for books that touch on the unexpected and different hoping that maybe there is more out there for him to learn about.


Dragon Masters:Waking the Rainbow Dragon (available June 26th) & Shine of the Silver Dragon (available September 25th) – One of Drake’s favorite book series has its next 2 books lined up for June and September releases. I have already pre-ordered them both, and Drake is eagerly awaiting the Rainbow Dragon one coming out in a mere few weeks.


Zoey & Sassafras  Unicorns and Germs (available October 19th) – Another one of Drake’s favorite series which he is eagerly awaiting.  This one comes out in October, but we have pre-ordered it already in anticipation.

What children’s books have you been loving lately? Are there any new releases you’re excited to add to your home library or check out from the library?