This summer is off to a GREAT start over at the Cupcake house! I’m excited to share a post soon about all that we’re up to now that the school year is out. My Five Friday Favorites will give you a little peek!


1) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel– We don’t have cable, so we watch everything on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. Lately, Amazon has had my favorite shows! I just started watching this one and it is endearing, interesting, and full of laughs. Set in the 1950s, I love the fashion and all of the references to famous people in this time period. Mr. Cupcake isn’t really into it, so it’s something I’ve enjoyed by myself when Fitz is napping. Grab a glass of wine and some chocolate and gift yourself a little Mommy time!


2) Today Will be Different by Maria Semple- I read the first book by this author a couple of years ago with my book club, and I was riveted! I was excited that my mom grabbed her second book for me, and just like her first book it’s already hooked me. Semple has a relatable style of writing but always throws in some good surprises.



3) Mad Love Footbed Sandals from Target- I grabbed these when it was still snowing outside, and now I’m so glad I did. These are all over the fashion blogs (which I look at occasionally but can’t keep up with!), and they are great Birkenstock knockoffs. They are super comfy, less than $25, and I love the Rose Gold color. They work with shorts, pants, and dresses!

Fitz rockin' his Natives at our friend's campsite.

Fitz rockin’ his Natives at our friend’s campsite.

4) Native Slip-On Sneaker– Baby Cupcake got new shoes too, and they are just too cute. They are easy to slip-on and fit his wider feet well. We like that they have breathable holes for the Kansas heat and humidity. They are washable too! He was outside playing in muddy puddles and when we got home, soap and water washed the grime right off. They remind me of Crocs, which he also wears, but they look a little sharper. We got them in the Regatta blue color.

5) SUMMER- For us, summer means being together as a family more, which is definitely a favorite of mine any day of the week! Mr. Cupcake and I aren’t working this summer (for the first time in our teaching careers!), so we are really excited to do a whole bunch of fun activities with Fitz. We are headed to Nashville for a road trip soon, so feel free to send traveling tips with toddlers my way! We also plan on going to toddler music lessons, library story times, local splash pads, and Royals games.

Let me know if you try out and enjoy some of my Five Friday Favorites too!

Mrs. Cupcake