This is our first post in our new series on Feeding Our Families. Throughout the month of July, we’ll be sharing our tips, tricks, and recipes for feeding our families on the blog, as well as continuing the conversation in the discussion boards. Today, Mrs. Cereal is sharing one of her family’s favorites for a quick and easy dinner that even her picky 4 year old will eat! 

I work full time out of the house, and I am often working until right before dinner time. This makes dinner a bit of a stressful time, so I’ve been doing my best to have some go-to ideas for dinner time. The key here is that I have to have something that everyone will eat, including my very picky 4 year old. So, with no further ado… I bring you easy tacos! These are super easy, quick, and really delicious. I also get two meals out of one chicken, so that is a bonus.



Shopping List:

Rotisserie chicken
Shredded mexican cheese
Sour cream or plain Greek yogurt
Taco shells or small tortillas
Canned green chiles and diced tomatoes
Crumbled bacon

Ok, so start with a rotisserie chicken and take the breasts and thighs off. Put aside one breast and one thigh for another dinner. With the remaining chicken, shred it up by using two forks to separate the meat. Once you are done shredding, add the chicken to a frying pan with some salt, pepper, cumin, and, if you choose, garlic and onion powder (I am on a low-fodmap diet and I can no longer eat garlic and onion). Get the meat heated up and then add in the crumbled bacon- I buy this in packets at the grocery store.

While the meat is heating up, put the taco shells into the oven at 350 for about 5 minutes. If you are using small tortillas, take a tea towel and get it damp, then wrap the tortillas in the towel and put it into the oven for about 10 minutes. The steam will make the tortillas nice and soft. Meanwhile, open cans of green chiles and tomatoes and add those to the meat.

To assemble, take a taco shell or a tortilla and add the meat mixture, top it with cheese and sour cream, and you are ready to go! This whole meal takes about 15 minutes to put together and it is super yummy. I sometimes also add sweet corn by microwaving one of the steamer frozen bags, or some minute rice. We are a no bean household, but adding a can of refried beans is also an easy addition. You can also add peas, or carrots, avocados, cabbage, or really any other vegetable to make them slightly healthier.

What are your favorite ideas for quick and easy dinners that even picky preschoolers will eat? Please share in the comments or on the discussion boards