Happy Friday! Our family has had an action-packed week – last Saturday our youngest, Baby P, turned 1, and then our oldest, Big P, turned 5 on the 4th of July! I am planning to blog about all the birthday festivities once we recover, but today I am sharing 5 of the things I’m loving right now. And in the spirit of our new series on feeding our families, I’m focusing my list today on food-related items.


1/ Peter Rabbit Organic Strawberry Banana Pouches – My kids always beg for these strawberry banana pouches when we’re at Starbucks, and they’re one of the only healthy-ish, portable snacks that all 3 of my kids will happily eat anytime day or night. I recently added this 10-pack of pouches to my Amazon Subscribe & Save order, which brings the price down close to $1/pouch. Still not the most economical of snack choices, but I so appreciate having an easy snack ready to go in my pantry (or in the Starbucks line!)


2/ Starbucks Protein Boxes – Speaking of Starbucks, I really appreciate the variety of snacks and protein boxes available at Starbucks these days. We are in the midst of an incredibly busy season of life with 3 little boys, 2 full-time jobs, and our house on the market (plus an impending move if/ when it sells). As a result, we’ve found ourselves eating out way more than we’d like. In addition to grocery store meals (which I’m working on a post about), Starbucks is often our go-to for relatively healthy, kid-friendly food options – my kids usually share an egg & cheese or PB&J protein box and then we add on a strawberry banana pouch for each of them, but there are usually other healthy-ish snack options available as well (like string cheese, whole fruit, yogurt parfaits, chickpea puffs, etc).



3/ Mel’s Kitchen Cafe food blog – I read a lot of food blogs, but unfortunately I don’t actually make many recipes from them. There is one notable exception, however, and that is Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. Mel’s blog is THE most approachable, helpful food blog. Her recipes are truly no-fail, and she’s a mom of 5 kids, so her blog is jam packed with resources on how to feed your family. Some of her recipes take a little more time but she’s always transparent about that and offers suggestions for shortcuts where appropriate. Some of my favorites of her recipes include: Creamy White Chicken Chili (and her cornbread to go with it!); Honey Lime Fruit Salad; Oatmeal Pancake Mix; and Crispy Chicken Wraps. But honestly I have made a TON of her recipes and loved all of them.

4/ Grocery Delivery service – We are very lucky to live in a community where our local grocery store (Hy-Vee for any other Midwesterners out there) has a robust and affordable delivery service. Grocery delivery has made my life as a working mom much easier – I can submit a grocery order on my lunch break and have my groceries delivered to my house (free of charge if my order is over $100, which with a family of 5 it almost always is and I just throw in a pack of diapers or other paper goods if I am short). I’ve also found it helps reduce the decision fatigue I experience at the grocery store trying to decide which yogurt is the best/ healthiest/ tastiest/ most affordable. I just buy the same kind I always buy (Fage Total 5% in a large tub or Noosa individual cups) and save myself a lot of stress in the process. If your local grocery store delivers, I highly recommend trying the service out. There are also companies like InstaCart that deliver from various stores – InstaCart just started doing Costco deliveries in my area, and I am really excited to try it out as I am the worse offender of the “go to Costco for a big tub of organic strawberries and leave with a shocking number of things you didn’t know you needed” sickness. Speaking of that vicious illness, Target also now offers a drive up service that’s sure to save a lot of moms both time and money.


5/ Oxo Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker – The Peas house basically runs on coffee, and I am very thankful that we purchased this Oxo Barista Brain coffee maker a few years ago. It makes a consistently delicious pot of coffee that allegedly replicates the pour-over process with a lot less fuss. It’s not as quick and easy as a Keurig or other pod type machine, but it’s less wasteful and also (in my opinion) tastes a lot better. Many people have come to our house and been impressed with the quality of the coffee we serve (and we don’t buy expensive beans – usually just a big bag from Costco). I highly recommend this coffee maker if you’re in the market for one.

That’s my list of food-related favorites for this Friday. Now I want to hear what you’re loving right now …. bonus points if it’s food-related :).