I am writing with exciting news today – the Starfish family is moving! We are leaving the city life in Chicago and hoping for a slower pace in Lexington, Kentucky. I recently received and accepted a job offer in Lexington, and with Mr. Starfish already working remotely, now feels like the perfect time to pull up our long-standing Chicago roots and replant them in horse country!

I am feeling a swirl of emotions. I am first and foremost incredibly excited to be moving to Lexington. While we don’t have any family there, I have some friends there that I’m hoping can help me to build up our network. From our visits to Lexington, it feels like such a welcoming and friendly place, and I look forward to getting to know the people and families. I’m also thrilled by the job opportunity that is bringing us there, which is pretty much my dream job at the moment. And I am so excited by the reasonable cost of living there, as well as the milder winter weather, than we are accustomed to up here in Chicago.

But speaking of Chicago, I am also filled with sadness about leaving the Windy City. I have spent nearly my entire adult life in this city, and I love the culture and restaurants and activities. I also love having two major airports close by, with nonstop flights available to practically everywhere in the world. My career network, my childcare network, and many of my friends are in Chicago. I will miss quick lunches in the loop, drinks alongside the river, and just about everything about this city’s spectacular summers.


Without a doubt, I am most sad about saying goodbye to the girls’ nanny. She has truly become a part of our family and we will all miss her tremendously. It hurts my heart to think that the girls will no longer have her incredible care and influence in their daily lives. She has taught them, she has taught me, and while I know that her next family will benefit and learn much from her, I wish that we didn’t have to say good-bye.

I also feel nervous and overwhelmed. Although I have a very positive gut feeling about this move, there are so many unknowns and that is a downright scary feeling. My stomach seems to be flipping over itself a dozen times a day.

There is also so much to do as we pack up our life here in Chicago to set up a new one in Lexington. I am worried about how all of the coming change will impact the girls. We have some time before we actually make the move (I only accepted the job this week), but undoubtedly the next few months are going to be tough on all of us as we confront this major change.

I’d love to hear tips from those of you who have successfully made a big family move, as well as anyone from Kentucky who can fill me in on our new state! And if anyone in Chicago is reading this and is interested in hiring the best nanny in the city, I’ve got a name ready for you!

On to a new adventure!

On to a new adventure!