I originally wrote this post on avoiding raising picky eaters 6 years ago, and I think it’s still relevant today.

Charlie and Olive are now very nearly 7 and 9. They still aren’t big eaters and have days where they eat like birds and days where I wonder how they fit so much into their tummies, although the former is much more common. When I see some of their friends gobble down salads with raw onion, entire pizzas in one sitting, I wonder if it’s a failure in my parenting that my kids don’t do the same! Whether or not it is, it doesn’t bother me much anymore like it used to. The only times I stress about how much my kids eat is when family members comment on it. In Korean culture, asking if you ate is a customary way to say hello, and being a good eater is seen as a very positive thing!

Charlie has definitely gotten much more adventurous about trying new things as he’s gotten older. He will usually try something at least once — like jalapenos because he knows I love to eat everything spicy and is curious about tasting the things I love so much.  A picky eater today is not necessarily a picky eater years down the line. He used to refuse to eat hamburgers and now they top his favorite foods. It seems like most everything is a stage when it comes to parenting.


Do you worry about how much or how little your kids eat?