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Lou arrived two weeks late, which actually made family childcare for her work out!

Childcare During Labor and Delivery

I had a nagging fear throughout the last months of my pregnancy. When I was about seven and a half months pregnant, my sister-in-law, who is an amazing mother of nine, got suddenly very ill. She was in the ICU for a few weeks, and when she came home she had a long recovery. I […]

a world of cookies

New Christmas Books

A while back I made a post about Christmas books because I know a lot of families like to do advent calendars with books. Here are some newer ones you can add to your shelf this year! A World of Cookies for Santa – I think exploring and learning about other cultures and places is fantastic […]

How to forgive yourself — as a mom.

“You are extremely hard on yourself,” people have told me again and again throughout my life. Growing up in a traditional Chinese-American upbringing, I’ve internalized a lot of the Tiger Mom expectations my mother set to show up as more than perfect: I was supposed to get straight A+’s, rather than just A’s; to never make […]


Holiday Gift Guide – Experience Gifts

One of the things I have been hearing a lot of lately is that my friends with kids want to get their older kids experience gifts rather than your typical possession gifts. This got me thinking about what kind of experience gifts could be good for my kids or younger kids. 1) Zoo pass – […]

My Chronic Illness and My Only Child

Along my chronic illness parenting journey, I’ve learned some things I didn’t expect: like that I wish I would have gotten an epidural sooner while in labor, and that I would have used formula from the start instead of my painful and ultimately failed breastfeeding events. These lessons are somewhat controversial, but I wholeheartedly believe […]


My brain bleed and aftermath

Telling a story of a time in my life I have no actual recollection of is very strange. I see my body existing in space in photos and videos from earlier this year but I have no memory of it. A few weeks before my 31st birthday in March of this year, I had a brain […]

Drake beach (1 of 1)

A Little Update

Hello again! It’s been a while. Life has been chugging along and in a blink of an eye it’s almost Christmas time. We had a wonderful summer full of sand, water, and sunshine and then the school year came. The big news though is that for the first time ever, all three kids are in […]

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