A while back I made a post about Christmas books because I know a lot of families like to do advent calendars with books. Here are some newer ones you can add to your shelf this year!

a world of cookies

A World of Cookies for Santa – I think exploring and learning about other cultures and places is fantastic for both kids and adults. In this book we not only see how children celebrate Christmas around the world and the special treats they leave out for Santa as well.  What’s even better is that there are recipes that allow you to sample and see which ones you might like to share during the holiday season.

great spruce

The Great Spruce – Alec and his grandpa have a special bond with a spruce his grandpa planted. What happens when other people notice how special it is and want to have it for their own holidays? A sweet story about a boy and his tree as well as how to share the holidays with everyone.


walk this world

Walk this World at Christmas Time – Going along with the idea of learning about how others do things around the world, this book shows us how that magical day is shared around the world.

how to catch santa

How to Catch Santa – I recently discovered the company Books to Bed which sells books along with pajamas that match the book. The GAP was carrying them and over the holiday sales I bought a pair each for the kids, but after learning their own site had more options I went over there to learn more. This book, along with their pajamas, was one of the holiday options and it would be adorable to share while wearing the pjs.

madelines christmas

Madeline’s Christmas – I have been reading Juliet the classic Madeline book and now we can read the Christmas one together before the holiday.

The Christmas Snowflake – I love Wonderbly for their personalized books which each of my kids have a copy of.  Their Christmas story allows you to personalize and add up to 9 different family members which adds just a little bit more fun and magic to the season.


Zetta the Poinsettia – Who doesn’t think about poinsettias around the holiday time? In this sweet book we see what it’s like to be that special flower during the holiday season.


Plum – Juliet loves the Nutcracker story so when I saw this one about how the Sugar Plum Fairy got her wings, I knew she would love it.


Reindolphins – Eight year old boys find a lot of strange things to be hilarious I have learned, so when I saw the title of this one I knew it would be perfect for Drake. Dolphins delivering presents for Santa — how could an eight year old not crack up at such a ridiculous premise?


Finding Christmas – While browsing Amazon the cover of this book stood out to me. It took me a little to realize that I have bought quite a few things from the illustrator’s Etsy shop. I love her style of artistry!