Before I had kids, I tried hard to limit my plastic purchases. After a few years though, the plastic started to creep in. This year, after learning more about the devastating effects of over consumption of plastic products, we are committing to buying used when possible, and buying plastic-free gifts otherwise. If you have a baby or toddler, here are some unique, plastic-free gifts that everyone can enjoy!


Wooden Boat Rocker and Climber: This rocker is so fun, and perfect as a joint gift if you have more than one kid. When flipped over, it’s a set of stairs for climbing and balancing on. A really great price point for such a big wooden piece, and your kids will use this rocker for many years. Lou is getting this as her “big gift” this year!


Pikler Triangle Climber: Pikler triangles are great for gross motor development and all kinds of play. This can be manipulated into several different positions, and it comes with a slide board and climbing wall. The imaginary play possibilities are endless!



Indoor or Outdoor Hammock Swing: Our friends have one of these and both my baby and 4-year-old love it! You can hang it indoors to help get through those long winter (or if you are like us, summer) days, or hang it on the front porch for swinging through spring and fall.


Organic Cotton Toddler Doll: This small natural fiber doll is perfect for young children to carry around and love on! It’s super soft and cute, and the organic cotton and wool materials mean that it’s safe for chewing.


Custom Wood Play Kitchen: I adore these kitchens. They have several styles and wood types for different price points, and these heirloom pieces are made to last a lifetime!

Wooden Rainbow Stacker: Bright, colorful, affordable, and stackable! What more could you want out of this traditional rainbow toy? My four-year-old has been playing with his since he could sit up!


Multiuse Balance Board: These balance boards are nice for both indoor and outdoor play. They can be used in a variety of ways, from balancing and rocking, to climbing and spinning. Ace had one at preschool (although his was plastic) and the kids absolutely adored playing with it. I’ve seen it be used as a boat, a skateboard, a rocket, a rainbow, a cave… the list goes on!


Wooden Workshop Bench: Ace used to have a play workbench that we picked up at a yard sale for a few dollars, but the entire thing cracked in half a few months ago. I plan to replace it with this amazing wooden workbench soon. I love all of the little features that it has!


Personal Name Puzzle: These personalized name puzzles are educational and unique. I love giving these as first birthday presents, and they make wonderful holiday gifts as well. As long as the child’s name is 9 letters or less, it will work!


Wooden Shopping Trolley: If we didn’t already have a plastic shopping cart, I would be scooping this up! Such a neat alternative to the classic kids toy. Great for a pre-walker to practice on too.