Now that Juliet is in kindergarten, she is starting to learn how to read, write, and spell. Fiona, who knows all her letters, is also learning how to write her name, letters and numbers in preschool. Both girls are doing wonderfully and the school helps them practice in a lot of fun and memorable ways. Juliet has learned how to write letters and numbers with some songs, and practices letter writing in many different ways including in sand, in slime, with a magnadoodle etc. With Christmas coming, I wanted to get them a few toys to help build on those skills at home through play.


LeapFrog Reader – Juliet actually got this for her birthday a while back and has been playing with it and on and off through the months. She wasn’t as keen on it before, I think because she didn’t know how to read at all. But now that she is learning sight words, her confidence is building and I see her playing with it more now.


Sight Word Cards -We have different packs of sight words in my collected through the years from Drake and Dollar Spot finds. They are small enough to carry in your purse to pull out when you have a few minutes of down time or need something for the kids to do at an appointment.



Phonetic Reading Blocks – These look fantastic to me and I think I might definitely get them for the girls to use.  Juliet is starting to learn rhyming and small sight words and I think this would be a great way to reinforce this at home.  These also seem lightweight and easy to grab on the go for something to keep them busy while in a waiting room.


Think and Alpha Slider – This looks similar to a Magnadoodle with the added bonus of some letters to copy and make words. Its’ a great car toy with all the pieces attached and since Juliet’s already used to using Magnadoodles at home and at school, I’m sure she will take to this quite smoothly. I like the added bonus of the lines to help her refine her letter creations.


Zingo Sight Words – Another toy I have had for a while. Because of Drake, all my kids love playing Zingo and we rotate between the classic one this one and the word building one.


Magnet Letter Tracing – This is another tool the school has been using, so having one at home to practice on is never a bad idea.


Step One Reader Books – I have been buying these Step One Reader books for Juliet for a while and she has really made some progress because we read them over and over.  There are so many options, themes, characters, etc. and they are great books for kids just starting to learn how to read.


Leapfrog Scribble and Write – This toy has been in my house since Drake was in preschool and it has passed down nicely through all my kids. This is probably one of the first places they really started to learn their letters and tried tracing them out. It was definitely one of the best investment in toys I have made.


Square Panda Multi sensory Playset – I am still looking into this one since it requires a tablet to play on. I imagine it’s similar to Osmo, which my kids play at their grandmother’s house a lot. I like the larger tactile numbers this set has that can be played with on their own, but need to do some more research on it to see if it’s vastly different from Osmo.