I have a friend staying with me right now until she gives birth. Her due date is January 15th, but because she lives in a remote town 7 hours away from the hospital, she’s staying at my house in the island capital, close to her doctor. Most of my closest friends, including me, all gave birth a month+ early after all!


She’s a 26-year-old first time mom-to-be, and will not have her parents, who live in Holland, here for the birth. I’ve been trying to prepare her for what to expect as far as labor, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, sleep, etc., as she hasn’t done much research. I’m really trying to provide breastfeeding support as she hopes to breastfeed, and given that access to gear is limited here, it would be much easier on her if she can breastfeed.

It’s already been over 7 years since I last give birth, and at the time I wrote this post on new mom tips — it’s amazing how little I knew about being a mom until I actually became one!

Whether it was reading birth stories, knowing what to expect postpartum, breastfeeding, infant sleep, etc. What do you wish you had known as a first time mom?