Olive and I have been cosleeping since we moved into our house 4 months ago, and pretty much off and on the past 3 years. When we lived in New York, she slept well in her own room since she was born until the age of 4. But kids develop more fears as they get older, and especially after watching a scary-to-her Harry Potter movie recently, she’s too scared to sleep alone in her room.


Since I solo parent most of the time, it’s just been easier to let Olive sleep with me. My kids are 7 and 9, and we’re still having bedtime battles! But I really, really, really don’t want to sleep with Olive any longer. She moves 360 degrees in her sleep, thrashing, kicking, and waking me up throughout the night. I don’t sleep well as it is, and often have trouble going back to sleep when she wakes me up. Two of our dogs sleep with us as well, so there really is no space for me. The new year is the perfect time to implement change!

My plan is to stay in Olive’s room until she falls asleep, at least for the first week or so to develop new habits. Once she’s asleep, she’s usually fine throughout the night. Her room is already super cozy, and she has a night light too. She is just particularly clingy to me because we’ve spent so much time together the past three years, much more than we ever would if we were living in the US. Last night I had to change beds because she had a little cold and was thrashing about even more than usual, and she woke up and followed me into the other room shortly afterwards.

My mom coslept with my brother and I until I was around Olive’s age because co-sleeping is the norm in Asian culture. Kids there naturally seem to transition to sleeping on their own though. I’ve never really been a fan of cosleeping for me, and as an introvert that solo parents, I really need some downtime each day! So I hope this cosleeping weaning works because I am ready to have my bed back!

Do you cosleep with your kids and want to stop like me? Or what worked on getting your kids to sleep in their own beds?