Reading has always been one of my favorite leisure activities since I was young. I remember listening to story after story before bedtime, sometimes passing out as my mom read. I would sneak books whenever I could, using a flashlight under my sheets way past bedtime. I knew one of my goals as a parent was to pass on this amazing ability to open up worlds, ideas, colors, characters etc. to my children. All my children love books and being read to, but Drake especially has the same kind of fervor and love of reading that I had at his age. Give him a new book and he is buried in his bed reading nonstop for hours. He can easily finish a chapter book in a few hours and is always begging for something new to read.


My mom found a few of the books I loved as a kid in my childhood bedroom, and once when Drake was bored and begging for something new to read, I gave him my old copy of The Trumpet of the Swan, which was one of my favorites. It’s a delightfully fun story about a swan who is mute and gets a trumpet to be able to communicate, learns how to write and gets jobs as a trumpeter. My favorite part as a kid was when he stayed at a hotel and ordered watercress sandwiches to eat, one with mayonnaise because it was offered and he didn’t know what it was and wanted to try it. Drake devoured the book in about a day and then it was really fun to talk to him about it. I told him my favorite part and he shared his. We talked about what it would be like to not be able to talk, as well as how amazing it would be to see a swan write and play a trumpet. After that I started to think about all the wonderful books I loved as a child that I couldn’t wait to share with Drake as he grows.


The Phantom Tollbooth – This book delighted me so much as a kid. It takes a bored little boy named Milo into a world where words can be eaten, you can leap to the island of conclusions, and go on a quest to save Rhyme and Reason. It’s such a unique and fun story that all takes place because a little boy is bored. I’m trying to find my old copy to give to Drake, but I truly relish being able to read this one myself again soon.



Charlotte’s Web – Drake already asked to try this one, which my mom also saved for me. Charlotte’s Web is such a classic sweet story about love and friendship and I think Drake will love all the talking animals.


Bridge to Terabithia – How much I longed to visit that magical land of Terabithia when I was younger. The magic around this book makes it so special, but I think Drake might not be emotionally ready for this one as it broke my heart when I read it. I might wait until Drake is slightly older for this one, but it’s such a wonderful story I can’t wait to share.


Harry Potter – Both Mr Chocolate and I have been dreaming of the day we can share the Harry Potter world with our children. We both read these books as adults, but the power of these books is obvious in the way it resonates across countries, ages, etc. Harry starts off easier but really delves into some deeper and darker stuff, so we are waiting for Drake to ask to try the first book and gauge how well we think he can handle it as they progress. They are all sitting there on our bookshelf downstairs waiting for that fateful day to captivate a whole new generation in our home.


The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – I read the whole series I remember as a kid but nothing stood out as much as this story did.  This is one Mr Chocolate loved as a boy and we both relish seeing the magic of Narnia come to life for our children as it once did for us.