I recently shared some of Charlie’s favorite series for 7-8 year olds, and now I’m sharing some of Olive’s favorite series for 6-7 year olds. They read a lot of the same books, but Olive’s favorites are heavy on princesses, fairies, and animals. They also read a lot of books from Britain that are popular there, but you may not have heard of in the US. I went through Olive’s bookshelves with her and asked her to pick out her favorites. Many of them are published by Scholastic, who makes really great early chapter books!


Rainbow Magic Fairy Series – Every kid seems to love this series which has published over 200 books since 2003! We own at least 100, and Charlie even reads them all too. As I’ve mentioned before, series really get kids hooked on reading, and this is one of the biggest series for early readers out there. Each book follows a similar plotline of two best friends who help their fairy friends against the evil Jack Frost, but Olive has reread many of these over and over again. Perfect for the 5-7 year old range.


Magic Animal Friends – From the same creator as the Rainbow Magic series (which are ghost written under a pseudonym), Olive loves this series that stars various animals instead of fairies. There are 26 books in the series so far, with more being released!



Secret Kingdom – There are 35 books in this series about special friendships, magical adventures, and secrets. Fans of the Rainbow Magic series will probably love this one as well.


Rescue Princesses – This 12 book series features princesses who use their strength and smarts to rescue animals in need. The princesses are brave, tough girls who are great role models for little girls.


Princess Pink –  This series of 4 books is part of a line of early reader books called Branches by Scholastic. These fractured fairytales are the perfect mix of images and text for an early reader.


The Puppy Place – This 63 book series features a different dog breed in each one. Olive adores animals so this series is right up her alley. I just found out that there is a kitty series too that I’m going to have to download on our Kindle!


Holly Webb –  Holly Webb has many different series about animals, and Olive loves them all. Any time I find a Holly Webb book, I buy it!


Martha Speaks – We loved Martha Speaks picture books which are smart and funny. Luckily clever Martha has a chapter book series too!


Spy Dog, Spy Cat, Spy Pup – Both Charlie and Olive really love the Spy Dog/Pup/Cat series about Dog and Cat spies with special skills that help them solve crimes.


Nancy Clancy – The Fancy Nancy series was definitely one of Olive’s all time favorite picture books. She has really enjoyed this chapter book series featuring a grown up Nancy who is now a detective!


How to Train Your Dragon – I should have included this series in the Charlie’s Favorite Chapter Books post, but Olive has been really enjoying this entire series too!


Mr. Gum – This is another British series that my kids laugh out loud while reading and love.


At age 7 Olive is an advanced reader because she has access to all of Charlie’s books, but she still enjoys early chapter books as well. While researching this post, I came across a couple more series in a similar vein to ones I’ve featured above that I’m sure Olive would love: Never GirlsPuppy PiratesThe Critter ClubStella and the Night Sprites. Time to download on the Kindle!