Thanksgiving Weekend Sales

11/28 10am update: I've added a ton of new independent stores that are having Black Friday sales, so please check them out below the fold! I apologize in advance to your wallet! Some of my very favorite stores are included, many of which rarely have sales. Also be sure to check out our illustrator Oana Befort, who is offering 30% off all orders over $7 with code BLACK14. 

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I have to admit that I have a weakness when it comes to kids' clothes, and I've definitely taken advantage of the many sales that have been going on this week! If you haven't already, you can sign up for Ebates to get cash back on your purchases at over 1700 stores, including Amazon, Sephora, Nordstrom, etc. This time of year many stores give double cash back, and it really adds up! I'd always forget to use Ebates, but now they have a toolbar that you can install and it will tell you when you're on a site that gives an ebate.

I've purchased things from J Crew (30% off - best coats and sweaters) and Gap's sales (50% off everything + 12% cash back with ebates through tomorrow) this week. Buying "tall" versions of Gap's t-shirts has changed my life because I hate when shirts shrink in the wash and become too short. This mama doesn't like any crop when it comes to her top! But what I'm really waiting for is Zara's twice yearly sale that starts Thanksgiving at 8pm EST with 30% off the entire store!

I also love shopping independent stores. I have purchased things from many of the shops below in the past, and I'll be updating this list as I come across more!

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Happy Thanksgiving, and Thank You!

It’s Thanksgiving, and we wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone - starting with our bloggers and hostesses!

We’ve always wanted to pay our blogger and hostess teams, and as our site has grown that’s finally become possible.  We're sending out a bunch of payments this weekend, and will be sending regular payments at the beginning of each month.  A huge THANK YOU to all of our hostesses and bloggers who have volunteered their time and energy to bring Hellobee to this point!!  We couldn’t have gotten here without your help.  As the site continues to grow, we plan to go through our blog archives regularly and start purchasing more and more of the older posts.

We’re looking to grow our blogger and hostess teams in the coming months.


If you're pregnant or a parent to a child living at home and would like to become a Hellobee blogger, please go here for more information! We're currently looking for lots of bloggers to join the Hellobee team!  Here are the blogger icons available, all of them painted by the talented Oana Befort:

(Please note that there are no age limits on the age of kids any more.  We'd love to hear from parents of older kids, so please consider applying!) 

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DIY Printable Watercolor Advent Calendar

With December just around the corner, I thought I would share with you this printable watercolor illustrated advent calendar to make each day until Christmas more fun. This is something that your older kids can help you put together, and the artsy boxes can be displayed on a table with other Christmas decorations or stacked against the wall. You can print these individual boxes or I created one more option where you can print the numbers on sticker paper (or regular paper and glue them) and buy already made boxes.  

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21 Quality Wind Instruments for toddlers and children

As Christmas draws closer and closer, I've been looking for musical instruments. Sure, everyone from Fisher Price, to Doug and Melissa, to even the fancier European wooden toy companies offer musical toys. But I'm looking at things that transcend the idea of a musical noise maker that's only good from ages 3-6. So here I begin my roundup of the very best child-friendly instruments I can find - they will have great sound quality, they will often be Fair Trade, and they can even be used by adults. My first installment will be wind instruments. Many are ages 3 and up, some are 6 and up, but some could certainly be used with supervision in younger children.

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Sharing Newborn Night Duty

I recently shared what a 24 hour period is like for us right now with 4 week old twins. What I didn't get into is how Mr. H and I are choosing to divide up baby duties overnight.

The first few nights at home with the twins were rough. The babies were up non-stop, Mr. H and I were exhausted, and we alternated between stumbling around in exhaustion to bickering with one another in frustration. It wasn't good! Finally, we hatched a plan that would help us each get a long stretch of sleep.

I also try and get sleep during the day when I can!

Around 6/6:30pm we start getting all of the kids ready for bed. We've found it's easiest to divide and conquer: one of us will focus on getting Miss H ready for bed (potty, teeth, tub, pajamas, stories, bed) while the other will focus on the twins (pajamas, bottles, swaddles, and into rock-n-plays).

After prepping a pitcher of formula and filling some bottles for overnight, along with any other kitchen clean up that's needed, I get ready for bed. My goal is to be in bed and asleep by 8pm. From that point, this is what we do (this is an example schedule if things are perfect):

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25 DIY Advent Calendars

I have never done an advent calendar before. Truthfully I never even heard of one until a few years ago. But now that I have kids, every holiday seems more fun and magical, and at this age it's fun to see their excitement and anticipation build for these special celebrations. Drake has been talking about Christmas, especially his elf who is scheduled to visit again after Thanksgiving since early October, so I feel like this year he really understands the idea of the coming holidays. He is learning months and days of the week at school so that helps when we tell him Christmas only happens in December and he knows December follows after November. I would love to try an advent calendar with Drake & Juliet and I always love a good DIY, so I have been scouring the web to look for ideas.

I love this muffin tin advent simply because it's simple. I already own a muffin tin and a hole punch so it wouldn't take me long to whip up at all. I found these tiny little animal erasers on Amazon and think this might be perfect for my animal loving Drake. I can't imagine his anticipation everyday to see what new animal shows up in his tin. I don't love the idea of doing little gifts every Christmas since Christmas is already pretty gift laden, but I also know the wonder of childhood will only last so long too, so maybe it's best to enjoy it when they are young enough to still appreciate the magic as well.

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What To Do About Winter Hat Hair

Winter hat hair. It's sorta like a big messy Monday that happens almost everyday of the winter - it's unavoidable and inevitable. So after, blankity-blank (I'm modest like that) years "enjoying" (cough) winters, I have sorta figured out how to deal with messy winter hair. Or at least how to ignore it, but ignoring is still a coping skill, and when it comes to hair I don't think it's an unhealthy one. *The above image is from Cara Loren, who makes winter hat hair look pretty darn amazing.

Here are a few great hairstyles to help with that that inevitable hat hair....

- This is a great style if you wear a lot of scarves. Keep that hair off your neck to avoid that nape of the neck hair bird's nest. I know you know what I'm talking about. If your hair isn't crazy thick (and if it is, I'm personally very jealous), this should fit nicely under a winter hat and stay pretty well intact all day. And hey look, there is even a tutorial from Camille Styles.

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