Sadness and Wonder

I’m in the middle of a long, drawn-out miscarriage. Well, what I thought was a long, drawn-out miscarriage. Now that I’m a little more educated about all of this, it seems to me that all miscarriages are a slog, both physically and emotionally. This is one of the many lessons I’ve learned while navigating this process.

We’ve all heard so many stories about what it is like to get that awful news in the ultrasound room. So when it happened to me, it was a little surreal. I remember thinking, “Ok, this is what it’s like.” The technician told me that the fetus was measuring two weeks behind. She wasn’t concerned, but I was. I was confident in my dates. As soon as she measured the baby, I knew the pregnancy was not meant to progress.

A congratulatory gift from a good friend 

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Overnight Oats with Orange and Pomegranate Juices

Overnight Oats with Orange and Pomegranate Juices | Hellobee

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for make-ahead breakfasts to add to my lineup of baked oatmeal and freezer egg-based recipes. With warmer weather we’re looking for a replacement for our homemade frozen breakfast burritos – something cold but with the same satisfaction factor.

Overnight oats first came to mind. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? They’re also called refrigerator oatmeal or Bircher muesli. The basic idea is to soak rolled oats in milk (and often chia seeds) in the fridge overnight. There’s no cooking required and breakfast is ready to go in the morning. Along with smoothies, this cooling porridge made up the bulk of our breakfasts last spring and summer, but I wanted to switch things up this year. Then, I saw a variation on a restaurant menu using fresh juice rather than milk. I was curious but also a bit apprehensive about trying it: Would the texture be appealing? What would the combination of juice and oatmeal taste like?

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Getting in the Shot

If you are like me, you have thousands upon thousands of photos on your computer documenting every millisecond of your little one’s lives, from the moment they were born right up to this moment. Juliet probably thinks my face is that big black box that is always in front of her making silly noises. I really love taking pictures of my little ones to share with them one day. But of all the thousands of photos I have, I only have a very small handful, less then a hundred… maybe even fifty where I am actually in the photo with them.

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Pasta e Fagioli in the Slow Cooker

It seems that spring may finally have sprung! Maybe? Hopefully?! And in the spring, I love to put my slow cooker to good use… making soup! I know, I know. That seems totally wrong, right?! Soup is supposed to be a winter staple. Here in New England, there’s still a chill in the air… but we are enjoying the end of winter hibernation. This results in us pushing our outside time as late as possible, making it really nice to be able to come inside and dish up dinner. Aside from the cooking method this soup employs, it has two other things going for it… the fact that it’s meat-free (meatless Mondays anyone?!) and the ingredients can be pantry staples if you so choose. Win-win-win in my book!

Of course, the biggest win is that everyone loves this meal in our house. We serve it with bread on the side (usually an Italian baguette or ciabatta bread) and topped with Parmesan cheese.

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Custom baby blocks

I remember loving wooden blocks as a kid. We received some rubbery blocks for Christmas, but they’re just not the same. There’s something satisfying about the clack of wood against wood as you stack blocks.

There are some really great laser engraved wooden blocks on etsy, like these, and even lovely keepsake blocks that you can have made with your baby’s birth stats. I figured I could maybe try my hand at woodburning some custom ones with my favorite images. My dad introduced me to woodburning when I was about 11 years old. I think I had this exact “Design-a-matic” woodburning set because I remember that creepy sun and the red ink that I would fill in with the heat tool. I think woodburning is a forgotten arts-and-crafts relic from the 1970′s – apparently my set first came out in 1968, which explains why my dad had even grown up doing wood burning. I’m actually a super crafty person but really haven’t done anything particular crafty for my daughter yet, so I was excited for this project.

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Hopscotch Potty Training Tips

Not to jinx myself, but I feel like potty training so far has been a really great, positive experience overall! After a little bit of a slow start, Miss H has really embraced the whole concept of the potty. Here’s the Hopscotch family’s potty training tips (note: I’m obviously not a potty training expert — Miss H is not fully potty trained yet, and every child is different! This is just what has worked for us).

Sometimes we even brush teeth on the potty!

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My 5-Minute Makeup Routine

I’ve been starting to love makeup more and more these days, and have been interested in learning more about other products (particularly those shared here by the other bloggers)!  I like to “wake up” my face with some makeup every day, and there is a hardly a day where I go without it.

Since I don’t have much time in the mornings (I try to have myself and Toddler Checkers ready and out the door by 7 AM), I like to keep my makeup routine quick and easy.  I think I’ve found my staple items, and am pretty happy with these products right now.

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