Summer Theme weeks: Hans Christian Andersen Fairy tales

After working with the kids with the Grimm Brother fairy tales, I was really excited to start on Hans Christian Andersen.  I love the stories and they were some of my favorites as a child. I also knew that I could hook them with the connections to Frozen (which is a current obsession in our household). Of course they were excited but I knew they were going to be confused by how different the stories were, especially in the Little Mermaid and the Snow Queen.

I looked through our anthologies and some of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories are very long to read in one sitting.  I went back to our library and our used book store to find some picture books with the stories instead of reading them the original text. We also continued to watch each of the fairy tales during snack time from the Faerie Tale Theater set that we have.

Again each day we added to our Alphabet book with a few letters from our story.  Each page had the letters at the top, some dotted traceable letters and a blank space to practice.  Plus I printed out a picture to color and glue on.


- We read The Little Mermaid. One was an illustrated picture book credited to Hans Christian Anderson and the other was a Disney Step into Reading book.

- Our letters were L for Little mermaid and O for ocean.

- I laid out four print outs with different type of shells: clams, scallops, hermit crabs (and other spiral shaped shells) and then a blank page for miscellaneous. I took out a bunch of shells that I have in a jar at home and we spent a while talking about differences in appearances of the shells and the types of animals that lived in each one.  Then we sorted all of my shells onto their proper sheets.

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Disney World Day One: Hollywood Studios

We arrived at Disney World around noon on the 2nd, and shortly after met up with my mother who had flown in.  After getting everyone settled and unpacked, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat at the hotel before heading over to Hollywood Studios. My main reason for choosing to do Hollywood Studios as our first park was because I wanted to take Drake to see the Fantasmic show at night and the Frozen fireworks afterwards. I thought of all the parks Hollywood would have the least to offer him — it lacks rides and the few that are popular (Tower of Terror, Aerosmith roller coaster) are too large for Drake to participate in – so if we squeezed it in on our first night it would save us the need to have to go back. We never went back to Hollywood after this night, so I think it was the best choice.

Before we left for Disney I had a detailed outline of rides and shows (and times) of things I thought would interest Drake. My list for Hollywood consisted of these things:

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Counting Sheep Activity

Growing up, I remember seeing lots of cartoons with people counting sheep as they dreamed, and I vaguely remember trying this myself as a means to fall asleep. Did it work? I can’t recall. But I do think that sheep hopping over a fence is awfully cute.

This simple activity is designed to do several things, all while looking like those sweet sheep. It’s good for teaching fine motor skills, pre-reading, and basic math, and with a bit of guidance from you, your child will soon find lots of ways to play as they learn!

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Baby Boy Checkers: My Birth Story

Just four days before my due date, we welcomed our son into the world:

8 lbs. 1 oz., 20.5 in. long

The day before he decided to make his appearance, I was experiencing contractions all day.  I never experienced contractions with Toddler Checkers because my water broke first, and I wasn’t sure I would know what they felt like since I had never had them before.  But trust me when I say you will know when you are having contractions.  Someone once described them to me as feeling like menstrual cramps; this was mostly true for my early contractions.  My contractions were not regular at that point, maybe happening once or twice an hour, so I didn’t think much of it.

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Finding a Day Planner

I’ve always been a more type B person, but when it comes to planning, scheduling and organizing my time and life – I couldn’t be more type A. I feel I will never switch to a completely digital schedule – no iPhone calendar has ever felt the same as organizing my life on paper, writing things down and having something tangible and real to plan with. Since becoming a student, I have had even more need to plan my days. I used to be content with my simple Plan Ahead Weekly Planner that was $5 at CVS; it served me well many years when I only had 2-3 things going on each day. Now, in one day I have to schedule in work, school, coordinating daycare pick-ups, study time, errands, gym time, and dinner.

For the last two semesters, I was printing this out that helped me schedule my weeks by the hour and I realized that is exactly what I needed – a planner to schedule in each hour of my life. When I schedule in time at the gym and plan it ahead of time, it actually happens. When I know what I need to be doing to make the most of the 24 hours in a day, I become better at time management. Some parents have told me they have no idea how I manage a full-time college career, working part-time and being a mother to a toddler – and this is how. By managing my time and balancing my priorities. Sure, it sucks to actually have to schedule in that hour or two that I spend just with J every day – just me and him, nothing else. But it helps me manage and balance everything going on in my life and make sure that all my responsibilities get the time they need.

My search for a daily planner began. My criteria were that I needed a daily planner – a page for each day with the option to schedule each hour of my day. I also needed a two-page spread of each month within the daily planner. Anything else was extra.

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Watching Your Words

Even when I don’t think he is listening to me, he clearly is.

When Drake was younger I used to take him to Gymboree classes. Drake started at around 8 months, well before he could walk let alone climb, and we stopped shortly before Juliet was born when he was almost 3. They had all kinds of fun and neat equipment for the children to explore and as Drake attended through the years, I noticed how other children would start to get the concept of climbing whereas Drake never did.

At home when I heard stories from friends about having to switch to toddler beds quickly because their children were starting to try to climb out of their cribs, I always gave a sympathetic ear but admitted that I never had to deal with such an issue; my son was not a climber. And it was true. When we finally transitioned Drake out of a crib at a little over 3, it was simply because Mr. Chocolate felt like it was time. Drake never tried climbing out, which is why we waited and waited and finally made the choice on our own.

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Favourite Gear: Months 0-3

When Little Oats was a newborn, there were so many products that we loved. While I’m not on board with buying every baby product on the shelves, there are a handful that I swear by.

I know that while I was pregnant, I read every gear guide I could get my hands on, looking for recommendations and suggestions about the best things for a new baby. And now, sitting on the other side of that ‘newborn’ phase, I thought I would share what we loved most.

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