Why We Chose Embryo Adoption – Part 1

This is a guest post by Hellobee hostess Leialou.

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I naively assumed that since my husband and I were both young and healthy, we would get pregnant quickly. In 2011, after we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we decided we were ready to start trying. Several months after we had “pulled the goalie” we had not had any luck.

I picked up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and began charting. In January 2012 I brought up the fact that we were TTC at my annual well woman exam, and my gynecologist ordered some tests for my husband and me. I had my blood drawn on cycle day 3 to check my hormones at my doctor’s office, while he took his referral to a fertility clinic for a semen analysis. About a week later, my husband got the news that he had male factor infertility.

M A L E  F A C T O R  I N F E R T I L I T Y

I think most people associate infertility with problems with the woman’s reproductive system, but 30% of couples with infertility are dealing with it on the man’s side. My husband’s specific issues were a low sperm count, low motility (the movement of the sperm), and low morphology (the shape of the sperm). The majority of his sperm moved around in circles and were misshapen. We were stunned. We never imagined that we would deal with infertility. What I remember most about the first weeks after my husband’s diagnosis is a lot of tears from us both, anger, and finally a determination to find a way to get pregnant.

The first doctor we saw was an urologist. After a couple of visits my husband was diagnosed with a varicocele: an enlarged blood vessel in the scrotum. Blood is not able to flow properly and that causes the testicles to overheat, which can negatively effect sperm production. During varicocele surgery, a urologist seals off the affected veins and redirects blood flow into the normal-shaped veins. For my husband, it was an outpatient procedure. He checked in at the hospital at 7 am and we were heading home by 3.

Several months later we had a follow up and there was no change. The varicocele was repaired and his sperm count had improved, but his motility and morphology numbers were the same.

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Summer Theme Week: Star Wars

In our household, Star Wars has been and continues to be a huge obsession. If I let them, I am pretty sure they would sit and watch Star Wars movies, the Clone wars cartoons, the Lego Star Wars movies and every Star Wars parody ever made all in one day. I would like to say it’s just the kids, but that really isn’t true — Mr. Train and I are also fans and love watching our kids grow to love these movies that were made before even we were born. It seemed natural to include a Star Wars week in our summer plans because I knew we would all have a great time.

My son Joe was desperately waiting for this week. At his school book fair in the spring he picked out a book called Star Wars: Science fair book. Ever since he got it he has been begging for me to do some of the projects. As we read through the different experiments, I realized that a lot of them were a little involved for a 5 year old. I really didn’t want to pick experiments that I would do while they watched; I wanted them to actively participate. I also was trying to find ones that were free or very inexpensive.  So I picked two out of the book and started our week off with some Star Wars Science.

I don’t know if you can tell, but a love of Star Wars runs throughout our entire family.

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Kitchen Sink Veggie Pasta

Our garden is just about done producing, so we are using up all of the veggies before they go bad. Last weekend I made this pasta without a recipe – I just sort of threw a bunch of stuff in that we had in the kitchen. It was super delicious and I made enough to have it for lunch three days this week! Plus, Liam loved it and ate a good portion for lunch the next day, even though it was cold.

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How I’m Really Feeling

It is the eve of the first day of school as I write this. Usually, this evening is spent looking over lesson plans and schedules for the first day, all while trying to quell the first day jitters that start creeping up. This year, it’s a little different. Because I’m not so much feeling first day jitters for myself, but rather for my very own Kindergartner embarking on his very own Kindergarten journey tomorrow.

As a Kindergarten teacher, you’d think I’d be less anxious about sending my own child off to Kindergarten…On the contrary, I think I’m more nervous than the average non-teacher parent. And it’s because I know how much we expect of our little Kinder Kids and it fills me with a mixed bag of emotions as I think about Lil’ CB heading off to bonafide big boy school.

All summer long, as we’ve been prepping for school, a thought kept popping into my head. I wondered whether the expectations I had for my students at the beginning of the year were too high, or if the expectations I had for Lil’ CB weren’t quite high enough. Because as I watched my sweet boy, I couldn’t help but think that he still seemed so little! And it’s silly, because my head kept comparing him to the Kindergartners I had just had, which, of course doesn’t make sense to do. I know that our beginning-of-the-year Kindergartners are vastly different from the almost-first-graders they transform into by June, but as hard as I tried, I just could not remember exactly what beginning-of-the-year Kindergartners are like! (Seriously, even after 12 years of teaching, I’m always surprised by how *little* they are!) In my heart of hearts, I know he’s ready. And he couldn’t be more excited. But me? I’m not sure how ready I am.

I kept thinking back to the hundreds of students I’ve taught and thought about how Lil’ CB would, before I knew it, be joining their ranks as a former Kindergartner. Melodramatic much? I know. But, really, I think that’s the hardest part about sending my little cowboy off to Kindergarten…it’s knowing what comes after Kindergarten!

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Montessori Style Art Activities to Rotate at 2-3 Years

We’re very happy to welcome back Kylie from How We Montessori as a regular contributor on Hellobee!

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One thing most Montessori families agree on is the benefit of rotating toys and materials. Sure, children have their favourites and these can be left out for as long as you like. However rotating materials is a great way to continually engage and challenge the child. We also apply this principle to our art materials.

Our art cupboard is in a tiled open-space area where the children are easily supervised. They have low, child-sized tables to work on. We usually have three to four art activities out at a time.

We also present most of our art activities on a tray, Montessori style. This makes it really easy for the child to see what is in the tray and helps them to select which tray they would like use. Using these little trays also makes it easy for the child to carry the activity to their table and to pack it away.

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Essentials for Starting Kindergarten

Last year I blogged about Charlie’s lunchbox essentials when he started public pre-k. Now that we have a whole year of school under our belt, we know what gear we need when he starts kindergarten next week!

1) Gap Junior Canvas Backpack (also available in black) – Charlie had a Skip Hop dog backpack that he received as a gift, but after a year of use it was filthy! So I decided to get him something darker that wouldn’t show stains as much, as well as something a bit larger. This backpack that we got from the Gap is perfect.

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Labour Day Sales

Before you head off on your labour day weekend (hopefully you have something relaxing planned), I wanted to send a quick post out with a list of some of the awesome labour day sales that are happening. If you are in need of some Fall attire or maybe back to school clothes are still in your sights, this is a great weekend to grab a few things you’ve been needing. Here is a quick run down of a few of my favorites from around the web, as well as links to more sales after the jump.

no.1 Loft (for mom) – no.2 Old Navy (toddler) – no.3 Old Navy (mom) – no.4 Osh Kosh (toddler) – no.5 Old Navy (for mom) – no.6 The Gap (for dad) – no.7 Old Navy (toddler) – no.8 Loft (mom) – no.9 Osh Kosh – no.10 Old Navy (for dad) – no.11 JCrew (girl) – no.12 JCrew (mom) – no.13 Old Navy (toddler girl) - no.14 JCrew (dad) – no.15 The Gap (toddler girl)- no.16 The Gap (toddler boy) – no.17 The Gap (mom) – no.18 Old Navy (toddler) – no.19 JCrew (boy) – no.20 Old Navy (dad) – no.21 The Gap (toddler girl)

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