Names: Enter the Battleground

Years ago, one of the bloggers wrote a post asking for the assistance of Hellobee readers to find a name for her child. And man, that was a great idea! So here I am, to share a bit about where we are at with names and see if anyone has any advice or ideas! Because, hi friends, we are knocking on the door of the third trimester without a clue in the world what we will call this little guy.

Finding our first son’s name (Colin Harrison) was easy, in part because we were following the Jewish tradition of naming after relatives who are no longer with us. His first and middle names both use the first letters of family we’ve lost, with a C and an H, there were limited choices in general, and Mr. Confetti and I were able to narrow each name down to 2 or 3 choices and then the right name just sung to it.

This time, we are blessed to not be tethered to a starting initial for this little guy’s first name. While I am more than thankful to not be naming after people (yay for healthy, living parents and grandparents), having the entire alphabet at our disposal has left the door too wide open. In general, we have a handful of “meh” names, but nothing that seems to be screaming this baby boy’s name yet.

Here’s the criteria:

  • Mr. C disagrees with me on this, but I would like to stay out of the SSA Top 10 or 20.  
  • No more “C” names – we’re done with the letter. 
  • We generally like “classic” and normally spelled names that wouldn’t trip anyone up with spelling or pronunciation.  
  • Must flow with Colin – I figure I’ll be shouting, “Colin, ___, stop that!” as they are getting into trouble together throughout their childhood…and probably forever.
  • We both tend to like biblical names, but that isn’t mandatory at all.  
  • Irish is acceptable (duh: Colin) but not preferred (no need to have a whole brood of Irish names, since we aren’t even remotely Irish ourselves).
  • We are going to pick an “I” name for the baby’s middle name in honor of my husband’s grandfather, but there aren’t any “I” names that sing to me as a winning first. But still, whatever the first name is, it needs to flow well with a middle name that starts with “I” – which makes names that end in certain vowels a bit tricky.  (“I” middle name suggestions welcome as well)
  • Names Mr. C likes that I have vetoed: Jacob, Ethan, Keith, Sean
  • Names I like that Mr. C has vetoed: Adrian, Jonah, Dylan, Parker

Help, help, help! Any ideas guys?  I’m opening the floor to suggestions – ready, go!

15 Best Books for Keeping a One Year Old Engaged

Juliet loves books.  Her favorite thing to do every day is to raid Drake’s bookshelf and immerse herself in his books…literally.

At bed time Juliet loves rocking with me as I read to her, but because of her age and attention span it’s hard to get her to sit and listen to all books. Over time as I’ve read from Drake’s shelves, I’ve come to see which books seem to grab her attention. For the most part all of the books she likes and wants me to read again and again have some kind of flaps or movement or pop out. I am starting to look into more books of that nature to get her to keep her engaged and continue with her love of reading.

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D’s Journey, part 10 – Physical Therapy

Shortly after we got D’s CP diagnosis, we were approved to get regular pediatric physical therapy. We met with our PT when D was 7 months old, and she took about an hour to evaluate D. At this time he wasn’t sitting up on his own, couldn’t stand tummy time, and would grab some for objects. She wanted us to come and work with her once a week, and unlike the EI services, she would mostly work “on” him and then give me a few exercises or techniques to do with him at home. She said it was good that we weren’t dragging our feet, and that the earlier he got PT the more it would benefit him. We talked about the areas the neurologist was concerned about (mainly ankles, right arm/hand, and left leg), and we planned to focus on those. She also felt his tummy was weak – understandably given the number of abdominal surgeries he had! – and that he had a tendency to stiffen up, so she wanted to work on those as well.

D around when we started PT & now at 13 months! 

D really hated her at first! She would start off with stretches and massage, but he has always been a cautious baby so he didn’t like being held or touched by a stranger. He would actually start getting upset as soon as we walked in the room. But when I would try the same stretches and massages at home, he wouldn’t even acknowlege that I was doing anything. That told me that they weren’t painful for him, thank goodness! I won’t say that our PT is one of his favorite people, but he very rarely cries or gets upset during the sessions anymore.

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48 Activities Inspired by Popular Children’s Books

I recently blogged about 8 Ways for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Children, and mentioned that one way to build upon their reading interest is to do activities based on books.  As I continued to work through how I’d make that more of a reality in my home, I decided to compile a list of activities based on the most popular children’s books out there.  Enjoy!

1) Make a caterpillar and pipe cleaner snack  |  2) Handprint butterfly |  3) Make caterpillars out of plastic cups and forks  |  4) Caterpillar play dough  |  5) A caterpillar necklace  |  6) A color sorting activity  |  7) painting activity using balloons  |  8) Tissue paper caterpillars

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Chewy Turtles Bars

As the holidays are fast approaching, I’m always on the lookout for easy recipes that hold up well to travel. There’s little worse than knowing you have a five hour drive ahead of you with a wobbly cake on your lap, or a tray of cupcakes sliding around in the back seat. These chocolatey, chewy, crunchy Turtles bars are perfect for your next gathering (if they make it all the way there!). They’ve got something for everyone, plus they’re easy to bake, transport, and devour.

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Frozen Birthday Party for Boys

When my kids saw Frozen for the first time, it was in the theaters back in November of last year. When we left the movies, Nick and Joe were so excited they told me, “Mommy, we want to have a Frozen birthday party with snow and an ice palace. It would be so much fun.” I laughed it off and didn’t think much of it. Their birthday was 9 months away after all. But as we came up to planning their party, they politely reminded me that they had already decided they wanted a Frozen party and I must have just forgotten about it because I forget a lot of things. (Thanks kids for reminding me of my Swiss cheese mommy brain.) I told them I did remember them telling me that, but I was just double checking.

Now came some of the challenges. First, they want a Frozen party with snow and an ice palace. We live in the San Fernando Valley where it is almost guaranteed to be near or over 100 degrees in July, so good luck with the snow and ice. Second, they are two little boys with little boy friends. and they didn’t want a “princess party.” They love Anna and Elsa but didn’t want to do dress ups and crafts; they wanted to run around and play in the snow with their friends and have a frozen cake. Well when I told them it would be difficult to have snow and ice to play with, my little Nick told me, “You can figure it out mommy. You are good at that.” The pressure was on to make a non princess Frozen party in the middle of the hottest time of year.

Here are some of the things we did to throw a boys Frozen party in the hottest time of the year.


I usually go pretty minimal on decorations. I typically buy a few cardboard decorations and a birthday banner from Party City and call it a day. Not only did I have trouble finding Frozen stuff in stock, but it was also all pink and purple. The boys preferred things that looked icy or blue. I did buy one table center piece and tried to match the blue on it for a table cloth.

I also used toys that we had purchased throughout the past year to place around the house. Lilly had an Anna and Elsa doll that she graciously let me use for decorations. James had a Kristoff Doll that he lent to the decorations, and Nick and Joe contributed their Olaf and Sven stuffed animals. I placed them around the house with some other things like party blowers. It made for some pretty simple decorations. During the party the kids wanted to play with them, so they only last a few minutes.

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DIY Pumpkin Face Paper Garland

Halloween often comes with lots of scary decorations, but with a few simple supplies, you and your kids can craft your own garland full of pumpkin faces. Make them as silly or spooky as you want!

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